Sunday, December 31, 2006

Don’t Look Back

Well, here we are at the cusp of 2007.

Making resolutions is a chore, keeping to them my Achilles’ heel.

I’d like to try to look back on 2006 and see how much mileage I’ve clocked and reflect on the smooth flights, and the turbulent times too.

Socially, I’m doing more good than bad. Yes, I’ve made some stupid mistakes and cost myself a few friends along the way. Perhaps words like “sorry” or “forgive me” might have done the trick, yet I found it hard to utter those words. I miss watching their little ones grow up. Did I really want those friends back bad enough, or was I too ashamed to face them again? On the other hand I’ve also gained some new ones through a common passion for competition, for music, for Arsenal.

I’ve flown for over 10 years, yet just begun to travel the last 2. I’ve watched a live match at Highbury between Arsenal and Spurs, paying through my nose for the coveted ticket that day. I’ve gone to Old Trafford, and while admiring its long history, taken a dig at it too. My sometime hobby of photo taking has seen me walk familiar paths, but with a keener eye. A footprint, children playing in the park, trees waving in the wind, mundane stuff becoming the focus of my digital library.

Perhaps it’s the age, but I’m watching more current affairs now. The World Wide Web is a big resource and differing views can be found within a few clicks. Satirical sites give me some respite from the cruel realities of any given day. Am I still apathetic when it comes to politics?

I’ve been in 2 adrenaline pumping races, and came away with a medal. It feels good to be competing, alongside comrades at work. Setting targets is easy; attaining them is a long hard drive. I find that I do not have the aptitude to last that long, and have surrendered many times. Yet time and again I kick myself for not trying harder.

I’ve experienced first hand the ins and outs of a relationship. There is joy and anger; the laughter and tears; the shouting and the soothing. I’ve seen couples grow apart, yet saw more that came together. Lessons to be learnt? Or is each case peculiar in itself?

Have I learnt from 2006?

Will I be better in 2007?

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SgGooner said...

nice... makes one wonder if he/she has grown or learnt anything in the last year.