Monday, December 18, 2006

Ce.....lebrate good times, come on!

I actually wasn't keen on organizing a X'mas party this year. The fact that I had to fly to Karachi on the 25th didn't exactly give me anything to cheer about. I thought about it for a while more though, and decided that I needed a lift before I fly to Pakistan.

I've done gatherings at my place before, and it's nice to have friends from different social circles come together; colleagues, buddies, Gooners. So I'll make sure that there's enough food, alcohol, other beverages plus entertainment to keep them happy. I prepared all the food the last few times, but this year decided that it should be a BYO/pot-luck party. Trouble is I may end up with more than 1 log cake, and.. who needs more than 1 log cake at a X'mas party eh? After many SMSes, I figured I have a decent size party that's gonna go on at my humble home.

Next, I got down to dusting up the place. Actually it should be more like overhauling the place. Furniture is being shifted around, the floor is getting a once over (k, maybe twice) , the mini bar is shaping up well too. Cleaning's a biatch I tell ya, yet in a strange way, therapeutic too. Plans are afoot to organise a few games to get the guests more involved.

So do swing by on your way to other parties, I won't hold ya back but I sure will try hard to kick start your Christmas celebrations.

And a Ho Ho Ho to you too :)


Anonymous said...

Cleaning's a biatch u say? Imagine what will you say to Cleaning-after-Party. hahaha

I have not thought of what to bring...

Unknown said...

bring yourself will do ;)

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

am i invited? :P