Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meeting of 2 hearts..and minds

Most weddings I attend don't occur during the weekday. Most weddings I attend don't have their old school military band providing the music, with guests taking turns to jam.

Yet on a wet evening on the 13th, I was aurally pleasured when I stepped into the banquet hall. The dinner of Adrian (Liverpool supporter) and Sharon (Gooner) was interesting, with the St. Patrick's School band doing their seniors proud by playing some nice ditties throughout dinner. Of course the seniors took their turns during dinner too. Sorry for lack of photos...Ahtiong too busy drinking!

Congratulations Adrian and Sharon.

Anyhoo... came back and went to bed so can wake up for late match with Arsenal playing away at Wigan. Sent out sms to remind all Gooners too. Guess what? Sharon was staying up to watch it too! I can imagine some very naughty things that should go on after a wedding dinner, but watching Arsenal play?? That's a Gooner for ya.

By the way, great pass by Cesc to Ade who scored for Arsenal to get an away win.


Siren said...

Excellent pass by Fab. Isn't he simply FABulous?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiong! wah u are a football fan too huh? Where and when is your next flt. Lon,Par.....going to Ladbrooke or william Hill? hehehe

Unknown said...

Heh... not a betting man la BohTong

Anonymous said...

your friend sharon's a true gooner! must get her and her hubby to drop by liz!