Monday, January 15, 2007

Absence, the fonder maketh the heart, grow.....

The thing about being away on a week long flight is I almost always miss the Gunner matches. Either they don't have cable there (Frankfurt) or their TV stations are not into football (New York).

I missed watching Arsenal thrash Liverpool 3-6, with the "Beast" Baptista scoring 4, 5 if he made his penalty count.

The Blackburn match was a bruiser, with the Gunners whittled down to 10men after the cunt Savage started acting up, and poor Gilberto got a red card. Arsenal still found it in them to score 1 goal in both halves and walked away winners at 0-2. I especially am in awe of the Henry goal in the 2nd half, this man is finding his 2nd wind!

I had some help from fellow Gooner SGGooner who sent sms to me everytime there was a score in those matches, my Mickey also helped. Reading his updates, as well as Siren's, and browsing afcsingapore , helped quench my thirst for all things Arsenal. Still, nothing like being there with the Gooners at Liz Pub...

Next match up is Arsenal v Man Yoo, and again I'm away, this time in Auckland. Have to try me "darndest" to stay in town for this, namely at Liz Pub.

Once more, the reason they call him "King" at Arsenal

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