Friday, January 26, 2007

Wanted: Some football action

The thing about travelling is that I don't get to catch up on football as much as I like. People gripe about Starhub holding the subscribers ransom with ever increasing prices for the sports group. Compared to other countries though, really we are getting good value. Sure sometimes they'd rather show some lame games than the more exciting local derbies, or not show them at all. All in all though, they do a decent job of covering my favourite sport.

When I get to another hotel in another country now, I quickly surf the in-room TV for sports channels. The US is a disappointment, that's the place where they call it "soccer" instead of "football". So go to a pub you say? With the time difference I'd probably already be in one by breakfast, and still not be guaranteed any "soccer" at all. Maybe when David 'I wanna go to Hollywood cuz my playing days are over, but mainly cuz my wife said so' Beckham goes to play "soccer" with that whachamacallit team, they may show some EPL matches, just so that they know how it's actually done.

Australia is warming up to the idea of football, with the Socceroos (there's that S-word again) doing well at the last world cup and a few of their exports playing in the EPL. Point to note is that they'll always feature the match with the Aussie export in the team before any others. Like when Liverpool beat Chel$ki recently. They went on and on about how Mark Viduka of Middlesbrough scored 2 goals in a match against Bolton, and oh yeah Liverpool beat Chel$ki 2-nil(Harry Kewell didn't play in that match, maybe that's why). C'mon, where are your priorities dude??? Can't complain though, they have a channel dedicated to The EPL, good on ya mate!

I'd be flying to Seoul, then Vancouver next week. In addition to missing out on a fantastic Singapore Gooner outing to the Kallang Stadium to support the Lions, I'm also not here for the FA Cup clash against Bolton, the return leg against Spuds in the Carling Cup, and against Boro in the EPL. Only consolation is I'm not 40 000 ft up in the air while all these matches are being played. So I be channel surfing and bar hopping till I find some football action.


Siren said...

aiyo.... so busy schedule. poor thing

SgGooner said...

dude, if you need score updates, let me know.