Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The other New York

My week long flight to Frankfurt/New York was ... cold!

The weather dropped to 1 degree celsius on some days, and although I should've packed more warm clothes, I was lucky not to catch any cold throughout the whole trip.

This was my 1st flight with a new team. Some are familiar faces, otherwise it's a case of taking mental notes of my new colleagues. I wouldn't say they are a riot, yet they seem to like to hang around so that's always good when one is far from home.

I've never ventured far out when I get to Frankfurt. Crew almost always do the same things; eat at the same restaurants, buy the same chocolates ... It's a nice place to recover from a 13 hr journey from Singapore.

New York is another story altogether. Almost all crew clear out their bags for this station. There's always something to buy, if not for oneself then for friends/family back home. I like this city, it's so alive all hours of the day. You feel like you're in one of them US drama series or sitcoms like Seinfeld, CSI NY, Third Watch, or Friends.

I am lucky to have a very good friend in New York. She's studying her way through school there and I usually bring some comfort items over when I fly there. This time it's KoKo Krunch. I'm surprised when she told me that they don't have Nestle cereal there in the US. So 3 large boxes were presented to her when I checked in.

As with all New York flights, my colleagues are scattered all over the city, and we usually only see each other for breakfast. From then on, own time own target liao. I decided that I've had enough of uptown Manhatten with its 5thAve and Broadway, and asked that for a tour of SOHO (SOuth of HOusten). The major shopping labels are here too, alongside more street brands. The profile of the shoppers here are different too. It makes for an interesting shopping experience.

DSC00281Yellow Rat Bastard

Very near SoHo is Chinatown. This is a place so thick in everything asian/oriental you wouldn't notice the difference until you get Americanised-sized dough fritters and see hispanic delivery men at the morning market.

Pork Porridge

I've always wanted to watch the Blue Man Group while in New York and I chanced upon the theatre that they perform out from. Ticket prices are high, but I didn't watch mostly because I don't have anyone with me to share the experience with. I made a mental note to watch the show next time I visit, with a friend.

Astor Place

That and a day out at MoMa.

At least, I did something different this New York trip.

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Anonymous said...

*snaps* I wanna pop into moma too! & watch a chorus line on broadway.

Anonymous said...

nice pix! i lived in the big apple for 3+ years and love the energy, drive and in your face attitude there! great stuff!

SgGooner said...

sounds like you had a blast. big apple: would love to go there one day...

Siren said...

I wanna go too! Only been to the other coast - san francisco and LA. I'm befriending a Chinese contortionist so that the next time someone I know flies to NY, they can pack me in real nice and tight.