Friday, January 05, 2007

Wala Wala is the cancer-free!

Reason 2579 one should go down to Wala Wala;

Have copious amounts of beer celebrating pal's birthday when he doesn't want people to know that it's his ... well, birthday.

And so it came about that SG Gooner decided to swing by Wala Wala to catch The UnXpected as part of his birthday celebrations. I've mentioned before how it's a trend these days to spread the celebrations over a week so that as many people share the joy as possible with said birthday person. I'm glad that SG Gooner chose this joint to kick start it.

The place is packing the crowds in, thanks to the management's great idea to go smoke-free one year ahead of the rest of the island. Most people thought they were crazy to do it at first, but looks like Wala is having the last laugh now.

Nice atmosphere + great bands + decent looking crowd - smoke = Packed joint. Simple formulae isn't it?

Queues start snaking to the back dumpster from 830pm, and that's on a weekday. On weekends be prepared to have beer food (their chicken wings are da bomb) for dinner cuz that's where you should be having it if you want a chance at a comfortable spot upstairs where the bands play. There are actually many who prefer not smelling like a bad cigarette after a night out that hangs out here.

Of course there's a way them smokers can catch a break at this place; walk across to the opposite side of the restaurant to get their fix, join the band on THEIR smoke break at the dumpster, or keep hands busy by drinking insane quantities of beer instead of sticking a cancer-on-a-stick into your mouth.

Wala Wala...good for your lungs!!


SgGooner said...

Excellent time we had eh? Problem was we didn't have enough beer... Hahaha! We should have such birthdays all year long... Thanks for organising, dude...

Anonymous said...

wat time does wala close? just a thot, if liz won't open for late games, can we watch at wala?

Unknown said...

It's in residential area so close after the last set of the band, which is maybe 130am on Sat.

Not fun watching there. Screen too small, and they don't turn up the volume. I know, cuz I tried.

Liz is always best, else hae to depend on kind Gooners like Kev liao :)

(T) (H) (B) said...

didn't know that.. but will drop by someday...