Sunday, May 08, 2005


Went to my Sis' band The UnXpected anniversary gig last night. Good shit! Had a few drinks and laughs with my friends. Met some SYT too.I could get used to GnR, ACDC and some of the metal rock that they play. As usual it was nice to be able to go pubbing with my flip flops.

Friend brought me to Sentosa after that. Space Ibiza was spinning there. More alcohol. There's like a small pool were people were getting into. My friend changed into her bikini and in we went! People were getting it on inside the pool. Hope I didn't swallow any semen?!!

Came back, crashed out. I'm reminded of how this was the way I spent all my weekends few years back, thank heavens I grew up!

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Anonymous said...

looks like u got sum gd S**** gg on dat nite? god bless!