Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Much Ado about Nothing

I am stumped. I have had nothing to do for the past few days. I wake up mid-day, go grab lunch, sit back with The New Paper (only for the soccer news, mind you) and then just…. idle. Most times I come home and just surf, then inevitably click on I read other people’s blogs and they seem so interesting, so clever, so full of powderful engreesh. Still, that’s not the reason I started writing here.

Missed my dragon boat training twice this week now. I know that we are supposed to be training on our own, but hey if I could do that I wouldn’t be sitting on my skinny butt right now. I’m supposed to come up with a design for our team. I have the idea in my head, just have to put it into drawing, and I don’t draw too well. Still, have to try.

Now, I’ve been planning on how to spend my bonus that’s coming soon. I did say that I want to get the Canon A520, plus give my PC a makeover. Now I’m drooling over Sony Ericsson’s new phone the K750i. My Sis should be expecting her K700i soon…

The Champions League final is tonight, well tomorrow morning 230am. It seems most are going for a Liverpool win. I won’t try to make any intelligent predictions, just wanna watch some decent soccer being played. I’m suffering some withdrawal syndromes from my lack of soccer on cable. After tomorrow morning there’s only the World Cup 2006 to look forward to, which is freaking more than a year away!! Arrgh…

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