Friday, May 27, 2005

Waiting on supper... ...

That's it, Liverpool has won the Champions League. I managed to watch the full 90 minutes before rushing down to catch my transport to work. By the time I got to the airport they were kicking penalties. A colleague told me that they had won on penalties by 3-2. No doubt Liverpool fans in Singapore will be jumping up and down for a few days, and you'll see more of their jerseys being worn around town too.

I just came back from my Mumbai(Bombay) flight. Touchwood, I always seem to be rostered for SQ422. The load's light, passengers are not too anal, and we check into a wonderful hotel with a nice pool and gym. I went to bed soon after check in and woke up to go to the gym, as I again am not able to attend my training at Kallang. Threadmills were all taken so went onto the stationary bike for 20min. It's not fun I tell you, your ass hurts like hell after that. How'd they do it in those so called Spin Classes at the gym?!!

Went on to do exercise on the weight machines. It's diff when there's not much people there to use them and you are not intimidated by those steroid-laden-eat-weights-for-breakfast enthusiasts around you. Managed to do 2 circuits before I went off to change for dinner. My ex team gal was on the same flight, and along with the other gals we had a great time at dinner. Made a mental note to ask one of the gals out for dinner and drinks on Sat.

By the time I got back into the room it was almost 11, and they showed the replay of the Champions League match. I was determined to stay up to watch how the extra-time played out but knocked out instead. Luckily they showed it AGAIN this morning, so I watched in agony as Shevchenko of AC Milan had his header and rebound saved by the 'Pool 'keeper. Penalties are the worse way to decide a match. In the end, the Liverpool 'keeper redeemed his lousy performance the whole English season by keeping out Shechenko's(AGAIN) penalty. Think they gave him the man of the match award.

Still waiting for my friend to call me back to see whether they wanna have supper. Sigh, when most of your friends are married, weekends seem so long.

N.B. Got the gal's number before I got home :P

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