Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just another Manic Monday

Some lucky follks had the Monday off due to the long weekend. I suspect most just did more of the same; slept more, ate more, shopped more, slept some more. That's the thing about living in a city, there's just so little things to do and/or places to go to. Wait a minute, we do have nature parks, trails amongst tree tops, and there's the beach. Well how'd you like to be out and up close to nature when it's threatening to singe your skin the moment you show some? We are quite the pampered lot here on the Red Dot... ...

Yours truly had to go to work in the afternoon, when the sun's ray is out in full force.

I do not mind the sun, really. In fact if there ever was a poster for mindless exposure to sun you'd see my face there. Heck I AM the face for it, freckles and all. However, things are different when you trying to look cool and steady underneath a crisp white shirt and a pressed jacket. I took 3 showers before I changed into uniform, and STILL I was perspiring (only animals sweat, is what I've been told) by the time I hailed a cab across my block to the airport! The company is looking into changing the uniform for us guys, I say fit me into a pair of berms and I'd show you how we are a great way to fly!

I flew to Bangkok for work. Now lest you think I'm having the time of my life while there, think again. By the time we check in it's almost 9pm, when most large, air conditioned shops are already closed. Jumped into my pair of jeans, put on my Drunkmunkey T-Shirt and I was in the stuffy, sweltering evening air making my way to Patpong to meet my friend for late dinner.

I tell you I seriously doubt Patpong holds any more attractions for the me. The copy T-shirts are of bad quality, the copy CDs stop playing after a while, and why try selling me porno DVD when I download them off from the internet for free? I could go into any girlie bars for a drink but I didn't have enough time, almost 11 by the time I was done with late dinner. Plus the air was really, really stuffy. I retreated into my well cooled hotel room, had a cold shower and watched Monday night comedies on cable. Spoilt brat.

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