Sunday, May 22, 2005

We are the Winners!

Ahh yes, the coming together of two wonderful friends. I was my usual relaxed, casual self and running around giving out chocolates and snapping photos, with vodka in hand. It was a nice little ceremony and I think many appreciated the outdoor atmosphere instead of the tiny room at the ROM. Of course, I'll have to brush up my mandarin and dialects by the year end as I have to MC the dinner, by then I'd have got back in shape to get back into my suit.

It's really quite laughable when tourists or farangs tell us that the service standard is high in the li'l red dot. I was so put off by the door bitch at Modestoes that I had to give her a piece of my mind when she gave my friend a table when previously she said that she couldn't accomodate us! Eh, don't think just cuz I wearing berms and soccer jersey I dunch know what quality service is k?! I didn't wanna make a scene out of it as it was a special dinner, so I left it at that. Sigh, why do we always leave it at that? I mean, anywhere else in the world I could've got a free bottle of wine or stuff. Dang!!

Well it seems the one who plays quality soccer won the FA Cup. Not a game that'll get your adrenaline going, I must admit, but hey a win is a win is a win.Arsenal should do better next season, I can't wait. Meanwhile, I'd wear their jersey whenever I get a chance to. Man U, with their disco-pub, merchandise stores can go fly layang man!!

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