Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The lost weekends

Great. Now that there’'s no more soccer to watch on weekends what do I do? I mean how do I fill my time between 7pm-2am now that I can’'t watch the drama that unfolds on the soccer pitch? Where do I find inspirations of battles between David and Goliath? The bad acting that comes along. For a good 6 months this was my staple, I'’ve almost given up on free-to-air channels, preferring to set Channel 23/24 as my favorites.

Well, let'’s consider the alternatives. I could watch more movies. I could put in more time for exercise. I'’d get to see my friends more on weekends. Maybe I'’d put in some time to upgrade my PC. Housework in the evenings, hmm sounds like an idea. Let'’s not forget to thank Sony for coming up with the PSP.

The company has announced its profits for the financial year. As part of profit sharing we be getting few months of bonus. I’'m already planning on how to spend some. Upgrading for the PC. Laying my hands on a digital camera. Stashing some away. That'’s the nice thing about being single sometimes, diapers, schoolbooks; milk powder is never on your shopping list.

I'’m feeling guilty about not turning up for training yesterday. I did come back from a long flight in the morning, but that really isn'’t a good excuse. Have to remind myself that this is just a small blip, and that I should not dwell on it but look forward to the next training that I can attend. I don'’t hear many people voicing their guilt when they can'’t commit to something as innocent as exercise. Perhaps I really have too much time on my hands??…

Date is set. I'’m watching Star Wars III tomorrow at 4pm, then again on Friday morning. Heck if what they say about digital theatre is so good, I might even catch it a 3rd time!

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