Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blowing hot & cold

The nature of my job requires that I travel to countries that experience the seasons different times of the year. Most of us moan about the weather in Singapore, but sometimes things are not that fantastic overseas either. Classic case of viewing the grass as greener on the other side.

Like this month. One moment my teeth is chattering from the cold in Zurich, next I will be baking in the sun in Melbourne. X'mas? I'm in Pakistan! Paki-freaking-stan!

So thank your lucky stars that you can move around freely in light clothing this holiday season.

I'm gonna go take off my jacket, then my sweater, then my T-shirt, then another T-shirt...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey Jeff

I wouldnt mind cos when u need thick layers of clothes, you do not have to be bothered to iron the first few layers as no one will see. hahaha.

And... I love my hair better while in London as the air there is different from here.