Sunday, December 24, 2006

Reporting from Cyber Grove

Last home game at Emirates before going into 2007. The next 2 are away matches. Blackburn are no pushovers this team at 6th of the table. In fact there are a few in the team who actually enjoy pushing other players over, players like Robbie Savage.

Thanks to modern technology I was able to watch the match as it happened. Tried to play commentator on various forum and blogs. Couldn't concentrate, so decided to try my hand at a match report.

3rd min
Toure gives away a penalty to give Blackburn the shock lead. At this point I've only walked in from me kitchen.

10th min
Arsenal quickly regroup and earns a corner. RvP's corner converted by Captain Gilberto's header to level the match at 1-1. Game on!

23rd min
Hleb "walks" the ball into Blackburn's goal! Really, he does!

26th min
RvP is tripped on the way to goal and earns a penalty, Ade steps up, converts to make it 3!

36th min
Hleb finds himself one on one with the goalie and should've shot instead of passing, suddenly this guy is goal shy again??

Half time
Arsenal goes to the locker room 3-1. Most exciting 1st half by Arsenal at Emirates this season, in my view. Can they hold on to lead or will Rovers claw their way back?

2nd half
Arsenal need to be on their toes for up to 50min. Toure best patrol the last line well.

53rd min
Cesc effort deflected off Lucas Neill's leg, ball rolls away from goal. Arsenal using attack as defence now. Good policy.

56th min
Cesc too wary of being offside, should've just blasted into goal instead of watching the linesman.

57th min
RvP can't cut the ball back properly from goal line ... can only imagine how it could've turned out

59th min
RvP tries a "Drogba" from outside the box... ball flies over the bar.

60th min
Oooo Rosicky's effort from Ade's cut back bounces off the bar!

Arsenal wanna win big, really bombarding Brad Friedal's net now.

64th min
Still Gunners go at it as soon as Rovers make substitution. At this point the Gunners are overplaying it just outside of the box I feel.

68th min
Rovers header bounces off bar, rebound scrambled in by Nonda. Arsenal makes usual mistake again at the back after leading a match.

71st min
Flamini in for . Arsenal seems to be stepping off the pedal, could be doing more harm than good.

79 min
Pederson's ball across face of Lehmann's goal fails to be connected by any players in Blue n White. Heng ah...

81st min.
Lehmann does well to push shot away from Pederson for a corner. Arsenal now trying to wind the clock down... not good idea. I still prefer them to go forward, at least with Ade at the front.

85th min
RvP does his twist and turns in front of goal to shoot into lower left corner. 4-2! I like this twisting and turning, maybe we can call it the "RvP special"?

88th min!
The trio of Ade, Cesc and RvP conjures up a 5th goal!! Nice execution beginning from our own half... Baptista and Walcott then come on. Arsenal still not satisfied with 5-2. I feel can pack up and go liao but...

92nd min
Cesc shoots hard at Brad, who parries away into the path of Flamini, who scores the 6th! Oh... my... freakin..gawd!!!

Full time
6-2 to the Gunners! Against an opposition like Blackburn it's a fantastic scoreline to wind down 2006 at home.

They're so good today, I'm gonna watch them during the repeat again!

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