Sunday, December 31, 2006

Walan eh...

I was already not having a good day yesterday. Wanted to head down to Wala Wala to drown my sorrows but decided to watch a movie instead at Cathay Cineleisure. It's been a while since I went out on a Sat night to town and the place was teeming with plenty of eye candy to suit all taste.

Watching a movie by oneself has it's advantages; you can sit anywhere you like, and getting a ticket using the self help kiosk is much faster thanks to the reduced permutations in decision making due to my solo outing.

The movie was heart-warming. Will Ferrell stars in Stranger Than Fiction. It's not a barrel of laughs and, like I said, one feels warm and fuzzy towards the end of the movie.

I ambled towards Hotel Elizabeth after the movie and sat down to watch the weekend matches with Steve-O and friend. Turnout was good despite Arsenal kicking off late. In between snide remarks at other teams I got some advice on choosing my future laptop(Mac or PC). Well wishes were passed around the group in anticipation of the new year. Seems like most of the group weren't planning to party too wildly.

Match report? I can't find the words to describe the defeat to a much lesser team, and have to ask that you peruse SGGooner's, who linked to Siren's, match report.

Apologies if this entry seem dry as a twig.

I feel that I will snap anytime soon.


GunnerXIII said...

Oops indeed bro....

Anonymous said...

Oit Jeff... You went to watch alone? I like that Movie. Watched that in London. I love to watch alone too... I have the freedom to enjoy the movie all by myself. :)

But really you should have called me to watch as I was in office till midnite until Eric offered to fetch me to go to Eliz. hehe

Next time yeah?

Have a good flight!

Anonymous said...

makes for interesting reading! and... babe, MAC for goodness sake.