Friday, May 20, 2005

Get this man a Hoegarrden!

Went for training yesterday, it was pouring by the time we got into the boats. I could sense that some were not exactly doing their best cuz the boat was not moving fast enough and it got frustrating after rowing for a while. I mean, why get into the boat when you know you’re not gonna put in any effort at all? It’s called dragon boat RACING, not ROWING.

Got some friends down to Wala Wala for drinks and also to celebrate Mike & Anni tying the knot. Thinking it’ll be crowded like a Saturday, hauled my ass up there at around 8. The place was almost deserted, goody. Parked myself at Brandon and his twin brother’s table and ordered a Kilkenny. The twin is doing some corporate video thingy, and animation too I think, very interesting to hear him talk about his job. I then offered him some perspectives about mine and we had a few laughs. My friends came one by one, and Brandon was hitting on one of the girls. Man, he is smooooth. The force is strong in this one.

My Sis arrives just in time for the 1st set. She’s not feeling well so couldn’t do any rock numbers, so I couldn’t get my headbanging started up. Still, very decent considering she almost croaks instead of talk. I like her attitude on stage; when she’s nice she’s very nice, but when she’s bad, she’s a bitch! Ha ha. Got Mike and Anni on stage and he sang a song for her, well the chorus at least. Then they were made to dance too. They probably didn’t have enough alcohol in them yet, cuz Mike was just like, standing there! Hmm, making mental note to booze them up tomorrow. Wanted to play with the lightsaber that my Sis was waving on stage but I guess it was too precious so couldn’t get me hands on it.

Clarrdy decides to go to Madam Wong after Wala Wala. I had to stop outside to puke my guts out first. Guess cutting down drinking has its flip side; I used to do so well throughout a night of drinking. Got touchy feely with a gal friend we met inside, but still came home alone. Crashed onto the bed. Set alarm to wake up to watch the morning show today.


Anonymous said...

Hey yo, sorry bro.. saber not mine. Just found out it costs like.. wat almost $300 in some toy shop here? *phew*

Unknown said...

walau so ex?!! heng I so high that night could've broke it.