Saturday, May 14, 2005

Time was when...

We all like to talk about the good 'ol days, everyone does. I like to joke that it's like wondering about the time when the police used to wear shorts to work.

It was a time when behaving badly was skipping school, not handing in homework, not going home on a school night.

It was a time when you thought the one you slept with will be yours forever.

Back then, people bought each other drinks on a night out, and not be calculative when it came to the bill.

When a drink session didn't involve anything more than lots of beer and people getting down dirty, then not talk about it at all the next day.

Your junior colleagues didn't question you back when you try to inculcate some work ethics into them.

You could just ask your friends out without worrying whether you are intruding on their family time.

You don't worry about going to the clubs alone, cuz your friends are already there.

Sigh, last time, last time policemen wear shorts ah...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi,hi.last time u used to wear diapers too... ; )