Monday, May 30, 2005

Crash. Boom. Bang

The weekend is a blur to me. Things only got going when I ambled my way down to listen in on The UnXpected at Wala Wala. Dinner downstairs was good; they serve this fanatastic portion of a spaghetti vongole. Went up before their set began, and chit chat with Bran the Man. Really this guy is quite the piece of work. Even his bad mandarin brought on the giggles from the ladies. I think he has a hit rate of say…8 outta 10?

1st set starts, and the beers start to flow. I really enjoy hearing them sing, esp when I bring my friends down too. By the 3rd jug of beer I was heckling this kid on stage who’s celebrating his birthday there. The ladies wanna move on to Devil’s Bar, so I made quick friends with the guys at the next table and gave my last jug of beer to them. Very generous I think I am sometimes…

Now Devil’s Bar is not a place I would go if I was sober, then again I wasn’t. It’s kitschy, to say the least, and the resident band sucks. I just had to keep reminding myself to keep away from the bar as quite a few girls (themselves quite a whole lotta woman) kept trying their darn best to get onto it and do their thing. More beers, I’m on a roll. Think we left at around 5 and by the time I got home day was breaking.

Then it hit me, I’m no longer the party animal I used to be


Anonymous said...

Here's the real link for Bran the Man

Aww, you finished 3 jugs! Good right? If the ladies had stayed you would've finished ALL four, eh? :p

Unknown said...

I like Wala. Ever since i've started going there, i keep going there for the bands. I especially like Monday where Shirleen's Trio perform.

Unknown said...

hmm.. maybe i should pop by on Mondays some time