Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lost for Words

I'm lost for words, literally. I made it back from my London flight in the evening and by the time I went to bed I had lost my voice!

My time in London has been so-so. It's probably due to the fact that I was lying flat in bed since I checked in 2 days ago. I only managed to get up to come out and hunt for food yesterday. Last night my colleagues decided to get together for a few drinks, but as I was not my usual jovial partying self, the session fizzled out too early. I'll get them back next time...

I like London, sans the rain. This is a place where you can just take a walk in Hyde Park by yourself, take a tube to Covent Garden to enjoy the buskers(tipping is polite, but optional), or just wind down with a pint at any pub along the streets. There's a free concert organised by Bob Geldolf-Live 8 if you're in the neighbourhood come July.

I took the tube to Arsenal homeground, unfortunately I was too early for the tour around the grounds. Snapped a few photos and I was on my way. I gotta get myself into Highbury someday next season to watch the likes of Henry, Ljunberg, Sendoros and Van Persie in action.

What you don't wanna do, however, is to be staying in the room and watch the free to air channels. Gawd they have the wierdest programmes here! They had someone sit in with a ranger or something and they just spent the whole of a 1 hour programme sitting in a barn watching owls, and this is shown during what we call prime time! Things get more interesting later in the night, with shows talking about sex and strippers and pornographers but nothing that'll shock many of us.

I've beeb selected to be in the competition come July. So if you're not too busy, come give us a shout-out 2nd and 3rd ya?

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