Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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I was just IM-ing with my friend who's working in Dubai, we chat sporadically when I see her on MSN. She misses being Singaporean, as in using lingos peculiar to our li'l red dot, eg "lah", "nabeh", "minah", "bengs", and such. Hey you know what they say, you can take the Singaporean outta Singapore, but never the other way round? You can spot someone from this island the moment they open their gap.

My Dad is back to guzzling on fizzy drinks by the gallon, and smoking in the house for good measure. Not very wise for someone who had a close shave with stroke, but then again he's not been known to be too wise to begin with. Sis-in-law called up younger Sis to pour out frustrations, who in turn rang me up. I believe in this case, a listening ear is very important, so I paid attention to her. Have to remind myself to give Dad a ring sometime soon..


Just back from running laps around the neighbourhood park. Managed 6 rounds before I did some circuits at the static area. It feels good to be pouring perspiration in the late evening air before dinner. I'm doing this so I can keep up with the fast-paced training that is the dragon boat team, less than 10 days away... It's easy to spot me in the boat, I'm the skinny dark fellow with his tongue hanging out by the end of the race.

They have done up the park/jogging track very nicely. There's a nice big patch green, with an amphitheatre. There's even a sculpture commissioned, of a duck farmer. Apparently the area from Lor Ah Soo up till Hougang Ave 1( 'ol Jalan Hock Chye) used to be for duck/pig farming. There's a single BBQ pit for those of you who are fond of burning food to a crisp over charcoal fire. Really, I should go run some laps more often there.

Yayy... I have reason to watch sports channel again! Tomorrow morning 2:45Am Argentina playing Germany! Unfortunately I have to watch it in silent mode, cuz there's a long term guest (not mine) staying at my place for a long while to come. Now I have to wear a t-shirt whenever she's around, not watch porn on the PC when she's around, and not scratch myself in the nether region too often also. Endure...4 more months I'll be the King of my castle again. Then it's time for a makeover for my flat, then popiah parties, cocktail mixing nights, beer guzzling sessions, and wine opening evenings!! WOOSAHHHHHHHHHH!

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