Friday, June 24, 2005

Holy macaroni(and rice and bread and potatoes),Batman!

Today is the day I start what atheletes call "loading up on carbo". basically it means that I have to eat quite a bit of foods rich in carbohydrates.Which means I'm gonna do what I've not done for a while now; eat 3-4 times a day, and all consisting of rice/noodles/beans/carrots amd some other stuff. I'm stuffed! I hope I still can train properly with such a full meal everyday till the race day. I hear some teams eat up to 8 bowls of rice the night before the race!!

Truthfully I'm glad I joined the team. It's like having your own personal trainer, except there's a few more who's going through the regime with you, sorta like BMT hor? I feel better, my friends say I look slimmer, I fit back into my old pair of pants, and hey, I look good when I'm tanned!

One thing I do miss is knocking back a few beers. I know that we are allowed to drink one or two but I thought with my kind of fitness level I should just go cold turkey right up till race day. Gawd only knows how many drinks I'll be having if we perform well up till the 3rd July.

3 more trainings before race day, body dun fail me now...


Went to watch "Batman Begins" since I had the day off from training. Paid the overpriced $9.50 and settled into my seat of choice. The usual previews were playing. One of them, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", caught my attention.

I never watched the original movie back then, but will be keen to watch this mainly because of 2 names; Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. The two have collaborated on many films, such as; Edward Scissorhands
"Edward Scissorhands"
Ed Wood
"Ed Wood"
Sleepy Hollow
"Sleepy Hollow"

One is as kooky as the other. I'm surprised that Burton never tried to cast Johnny as Batman! BTW Tim has also directed a stop-animation feature "The Nightmare before Christmas", it really is such a treat to watch!

Back to the movie. I think they did well in casting Christian Bale as Batman this time. Some say his acting is wooden, but hey, how expressive can you get from behind that mask eh? The batmobile was a bit over-the-top, but how his batsuit and weapons came about was a good spin. Apparently, in the movie, some pieces of his weaponry were made in Singapore?!! Go figure!

What I did mind was the sound system. I went to Golden Village for this one. the sounds from the movie was pretty muffled, bass not strong, and generally didn't make it a good audio experience. I think that the movie was not played in surround sound. I paid freaking $9.50, I think I should at least get decent sound in the theatre, instead of stereo sound coming from the front of the screen. Dammit I have a better sound system at home than this chain of cinemas! Will need to check out more from other sources.

Next movie to catch; Fantastic 4!


Anonymous said...

Nobody believes me when I tell them Cineleisure is a MUCH better place to go for a movie. *frown*
Speaking of TB, you forgot Corpse Bride. Go check it out.

blablabla said...

I want to watch Batman Begins, Crash, Fantastic 4, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and lots more other movies. Hahahaha, but I don't have money.

Unknown said...

spunkymonkee: Will give Cineleisure a try next time.

ningx: Nemind, next time can watch the cheong DVD