Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yum Yum @ Chomp Chomp

Last night(this morning?) I had supper with my fellow colleagues after our flight touched down at 10pm. We were discussing where to go while we were 30,000 Ft in the air. Geylang for frogs' leg porridge and tau huay? Lavendar food centre for wan tan mee? Old Airport road for big-ass prawn noodles? Newton for stingray? We finally settled on Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens as it was quite near to most of us. We made our way home after work and met up around 12 midnight at said location. I've not had supper for a while now, cuz usually I take a late dinner, then drinks at a watering hole, then straight home to bed. As one grows "younger" it's not very good to be pigging out at 3am in the morning.

Anyways, I was at a loss with what to order at first and got sugar cane drinks for all as, well, everyone agrees with sugar cane drink don't they? Then we started to spread out and bought food from other stalls. There were 8 of us, and it was easy to polish off plate after plate of orh-lua, fried carrot cakes, popiah, stingray, la-la, satay, kangkong, squids, and jut-jut. The last one we all had a hard time trying to eat it. Do you suck at the bottom, then suck out the meat from the top? Or do you use a toothpick? We all gave up after 2 to 3 pieces, and promptly thanked the gal for ordering a dish that none can finish :P

As we were seating along a long table it was difficult to be passing food from one end to the other. I went back to the satay stall to ask for a few plates. The Aunty gave me a blank look, then checked her order form to see if we indeed ordered satay from her! For Gawd's sake it's a disposabel plate! It's not like it's a weekend and you worry that every Tom, Dick and Mary will come up and ask for plates! The next stall selling the fried carrot cake just plainly refused, apparently buying food from them doesn't qualify you to extra plates! She muttered something about the boss not allowing it, but by then I already showed her 'the Hand" and walked away... Talk about making every penny count. It reminded me of a piece of news in the tabloid, dunno how long ago was it, about this noodle seller who charged $2 or was it $5 just cuz a customer asked for an extra bowl so he can feed his children. Think it was to spite each other, but it made the news and also onto a variety show. This is what we have to show for our daily news these days... ...

Otherwise it was an enjoyable night out with my colleagues. We talked loudly, jibes were traded from one end of the table to the other, and laughed heartily(Have you eaten fish brains before, seriously have you?). Luckily it was a Monday and not many people were around, else we would've been subjected to much eye-balling. I thought that this would be a nice team to be in this year. We do a bit of everything; drink, eat, exercise while overseas. Everyone's genuinely nice to each other, there's two guys who can crack a joke at the drop of a hat, and a ditzy gal who can laugh and smile in any situation.

Yes, a good team this is.

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redcocoon said...

You seem to be enjoying the company of your new team. Good for you dude.

Chok dee kup!