Saturday, June 11, 2005

London bridge is... ...

Well well well, I'm back. It's been 4 days since my last post. Been on flights, and like I said, great to be back in uniform...

Things have been going on around me; some nice, some sad, some just plain silly! I've been drawing a blank so, like powerpuff, have been surfing around reading others' blogs. I should take cue from some bloggers here and carry a pen and pad around with me, to jot down details that would be able to grace these pages. Most times I just log them in my head, but when I sit down in front of the PC, I draw a blank. My friend redcocoon has the same problem. I suppose it's cuz I never got into the habit of keeping a diary, ever. Heck I was not even that good with an autograph book! Remember those?

It was like a popularity contest back then. The cool kids never had to have one, cuz every one else will be askin them to sign in theirs. Then there's the popular kids in school, they always seem to have the most expensive looking, moost signed, most passed around books ever! Poor me had to scrimp and save to buy one decent looking one, and I think most just signed mine outta force of habit rather than actually leaving some meaningful words behind. You remember those corny lines that we put in? Lemme see...

Birds fly high, hard to catch.
Friends like you, hard to forget!

or something to that effect...

Oh hey, free next Tuesday on the 14th? Head down to the Esplanade. Open air concert by a kick-ass band The UnXpected starts at 730pm. It's free, 'nuff said.
Mom n Me
I just got back from helping me Mummy (above) pack for her London holiday to visit my Aunt (below).
Aunty Doris n Me
It's her 1st trip alone all the way there and of course I did all the forms, insurance, and ticketing for her. My Bro and Sis chipped in with the spending money.

You know how some people just pack almost the whole grocery store into their bags when they fly away for more than a week? That's what my Mum did. I had to use my expertise as someone working on a plane, who's sick of putting up heavy bags that shouldn't make it into the cabin in the first place, and repacked her luggage. I streamlined it down to a small hand-carry and her handbag, which should make the flight attendants very happy when they see her without a small econ mini-mart in her hands. Her flight's at the un-gawdly hour of 540 in the moring so I be seeing her off before breakfast.

Gonna go catch forty winks before sending her off from home at 3 30am... ... Yawwwnn!

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oh uh.. forgot to buy insurance... doing it now!!!!