Monday, June 06, 2005

Exercise in Futility

Today I found another reason to be thankful for this job that I have. Uniforms. Yes the humble uniform, without which I'd be stressing myself over what to wear each time I go to work(yes I'm that hiao...). The only reason I have to be in office wear is because I have to attend some course at the training centre. I can only pity them poor sods who are faced with this decision 5 days a week. I did a small calculation while waiting for the bus and this is what I came up with;

Shirt :$30(on sale)
Pants :$50
Cheap Tie:$15

I figured a guy would need about 15 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, a dozen ties and 2 belts in his wardrobe in order to make any decent permutaions throughout the week.

Then there's the morning rush hour. It's silly to drive here on the island unless you absolutely need to, so public(with healthy profits year in year out) transport is for me. Packed in like a sardine on a bus I still can handle. Packed in like a sardine when the person/s around you SMELLS like a sardine? Ewwww...

The reception when I got to class was colder than the central air-conditioning. These are the same people who, when togged out in jackets and kebayas, are flashing their pearly whites and saying, "Hi, good morning!" left, right and centre! I know no one wants to be at the training centre today, but they still can be civil and polite yesh?! Have some fun la...

You'd think that most would take care of how they dress when they come back, but I witnessed several fashion no-nos whilst sitting at one corner. Some came dressed like casual fridays along with little/zilch make up, one was pink from to toe(untucked shirt,sleeves rolled up, capri pants and down to the pumps). And I always felt that khaki pants crumpled way too easily when worn in the office. Fashion boo-boos abound in this class...

I shall keep my comment of the way the course was ran short. IT SUCKED! By lunchtime I was bored, restless and sneaking out for "pee breaks" ever so often. Any donkey can read off a powerpoint presentation and give out standard answers. Engage the classroom la dude!!

Good thing I don't work in an office environment. A desk job is soooo not for me.

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