Thursday, June 16, 2005

Training days are here again

Went back for rowing training again yesterday after a
long absence. It's good to be physically active again,
as I'm one of those that won't move his butt unless
I've someone pushing me all the way.

We limbered up for a slow jog around the stadium. Then
it was sprints, after which we did some circuit

Being outta action for a while, I'm glad I was not
puking my guts out by the end of first half of
training. It was not as intensive as when we first
started out, the emphasis has shifted to perfecting
our strokes in the boat.

We had a small briefing before the rowing. Coach was
saying how excited he is about the race in July.
Perhaps it's cuz he was a former national rower, and
getting back into competition after so long has got
his adrenaline pumping, most of us were still quite
cool to the fact that we're even IN a competition. I
understand though, how important it is to psyche
oneself up for a race. Perhaps as we get closer to the
day it'll sink in faster.

Coach wanted us to improve on our short strokes so we
made our way to the boats. I didn't know of the recent
dumped body in Kallang, so had no clue when they joked
about stirring up a head or a limb somewhere. Even
later when I got an sms from a friend after training,
I still had no idea.

Towards the end of training Coach thanked all of us
for showing up for training. You can see that this
race means alot to him.

I used to be like that when l played volleyball in
secondary shool. To begin with I was a permanent
reserve so not much glory in that. It was a different
story, however, when it came to the inter-class games.
I, with alotta help from another classmate, whipped 7
other boys (there were only 9 boys in my class back
then)into shape to reach 3rd position in the school.
Ah...those were the days...

I hope that someday I'll again find a target that I'm
passionate and commit to that goal.

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