Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Couch Potatoe

I was at training again today. Same drill of warm-ups, laps around the stadium, then circuit training. We proceeded onwards to the water sports center and got into our boat. More drills were done, I was not too into the rowing today, I could feel it. Maybe it's cuz I was training 2 days in a row, maybe today there were not that many crew rowing(14), maybe I just wasn't feeling up to it. I dunno, but I sure as hell will give it my best come the competition.

Whilst taking a break in the Kallang River we chanced upon the airforce doing their fly-bys and rehearsals for National Day. It was really impressive, seeing the jets fly over you, and the chinook choppers carrying the National flag. It almost made me feel patriotic. I don't think I've ever watched NDP "Live" before, as in at the National Stadium or Padang. I prefer to watch it in the comfort of my home, on my sofa, with a cold beer, for like...10mins, before I switch over to whatever holiday movie they have on that night. Tsk, so bad hor...

Finished dinner and was waiting to watch "Project Superstar" on channel U. I'm not too into idol contests really, but I'm interested to know how far this male contestant Chen Wei Lian will go. I was so sure he wasn't gonna make it into the final 12, but he did. Conspiracy theories abound; to grab ratings, sympathy votes etc, but I really am impressed by his voice. The fact that he is visually disabled means his voice is all the more credible, at least that's how I feel. Tonight though, he didn't fare too well I think. Whichever way, I'm sure somewhere, someone is lining up a deal for him already, such is the predictability of huge contests such as this one.

There's just enough time for me to take a nap, then wake up at around 2:30am later to catch the Confederation Cup. Mexico is already in, so that match is inconsiquential. It's the Brazil v Japan match that I'll keep my eyes peeled open for. To see an Asian country go so far in a match competition such as this, you'd have to watch how they do. Many think the Brazillians will just overwhelm them, but hey as they say, the ball is round. It'll be good to at least see them play their guts out on the field againt a football giant.

Mom's on the way back from London now, after a week or more spent with my Aunt there. Have to set another alarm to reach the airport by 8:00am.

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