Thursday, March 31, 2005

Test Post

Dear All
So how’s the 3rd month of the year been for you guys? Feel something amiss? Then it’s time to read the ramblings of Dear ‘ol Me then!

Wow you’d think 2004 went by fast, now we are heading into the 2nd quarter of 2005 already! No major changes on my part, other than switching to a new team to fly with. I leave the team with fond memories of nightcaps that never ends, hanging out even after seeing each other’s face for a week on flight, the pre-flight snacks that are always yummy, and good friends that I’ve made. That to me is a Team flight. I go into a new team (11R) with some reservations. Some people embrace change, for it is the only constant in life. Most, however, loathe or even fear it. What if they don’t like my style of working? What if they don’t hang out that often? What if the gals are not…attractive? WHAT IF, GOOD HEAVENS, THEY DON’T DRINK?!! So many questions waiting to be answered, I just can’t wait… …

It seems every year a few of my friends are getting married. Just attended one ROM on Valentine’s Day (Awwwww…); another army buddy also hosting a wedding dinner soon; and still there’s a lovely couple who’s going to get registered, get keys to a new home, and plan a wedding night all within the space of this year! Envious? Jealous? Not me. Just happy that others have the balls to go where I won’t. By the way you might wanna read the article that I attached to this e-mail. That old bag Sumiko Tan is finally throwing in the towel after championing her singlehood all these years. I never know if I would be able to settle down like my friends. Is it the fear that grips me? I could go on and on but you’d all just get bored. So congratulations to all of you, and please let me play with your children, I promise I won’t throw them too high in the air.

A friend of mine describes my e-mails as blogs. I’m not sure what a blog really is, but I think it a regular scribing of an otherwise mundane life. Granted there are some really good blogs out there, but it’s hard to find them among all the bullshit ones. I don’t write that well (you should look out for “redcacoon”s articles in the papers) and I think it’s up for public viewing, which I don’t think I’d like. I’ll just confine my ramblings to the 50-odd of you in my mailing list. These e-mails give me something else to do with my hands…

It finally is raining! Man, if I were any younger I’d be running out into the rain like, right now! Running out of material to write liao, so I sign off okies?

Ah Tiong