Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I was surprised that not many young people know that last night, 正月十五, was also a night for lovers.

At least not those at Wala Wala last night...

Someone handed in a song dedication for the band, and wished one and all a happy Chinese Valentines'. The whole band, all Chinese by the way, looked puzzled and began to ask each other about it.

I nodded and told my group that yes, it's true. Again, I got blank stares from the early 20-ers...

"It used to be that the single ladies do not get to go out too often. 正月十五,元宵节, was one of the few dates that they could all gather and watch lanterns being lit, one of the traditions from way back then. It was during this time that many pair up with eligible men for the night. Hence, the date became known as the Chinese Valentine's Day."