Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

Loss of hearing, from 25!!

So now the trend is those see gin-nah with the Mozzy ringtone is it? I haven't heard it, cuz they say those above 25 won't be able to hear the high frequency tone, and I'm like..more than 25 liao.

It actually started out as an alarm to shoo kids outta the malls but look what they've done with it, and making obscene amounts of money too!!

They've even went and do a dance track, splicing it into the tune!

"High-pitched, anti-teen alarm is now ringtone, techno track

A high-frequency sonic alarm created to stop troublesome teens from loitering in retail areas has been repurposed as a dance track and a mobile phone ringtone..."

-frm Boing Boing

Ah to be young again...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Biang Eh!!

Yes, Arsenal won again at home against FC Porto. Yes, Henry scored his 50th in Europe with a rare header. But check out Eboue's cross, the way it floated in. Dang the whole bloody team credit Eboue with the 1st goal! See already get goosebumps one, steady ah...

Steaam maann...

And Hleb finally decides to shoot!

2-0 to the Arsenal!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

My ears...

So here I am, with the TV showing the Finals of the SG Idols in the background.

Not many people I know take too kindly to this season's competition, the participants, even the judges. What the hell is Jacintha there for?! All she does is repeat what Florence "Ah" Lian had said, but in a nonchalant(bochup) way. And Ken? They better be paying him big bucks for sitting through this competition. For a music producer, I would think it's killing him softly with each song week in week out. Dick Lee? He's there to see who's more stylo. End of the day, whatever they say means next to nothing as the teen populace vote for their own little wet dream.

Who I think should win? Well, the heart says Hady, but my head is telling me they'll let Jonathan win this one. Let the conspiracy theories follow!

I do hope the next reality talent competition The Dance Floor is something different. You can't fake dance moves now, can you???

Finding their feet

So the next group stages of the Champions League will start on Tue(early Wed here). I will be in Narita by the time Arsenal kicks off with Porto at home. I hope I can catch it at the hotel, else have to depend in LiveScore or my fellow Gooners to update me on the match liao.

Speaking of home. I'm not the only one who suggests that the Gunners are still feeling their way around on the new Emirates pitch. Even Wenger says that they are slowly, but surely, finding their way on the pitch. Perhaps it may even add a new dimension to their play, this new pitch.

However, I hope they do find their feet and the goal when they play Porto. With a brand new stadium, a larger crowd, and fellow Gooners around the world rooting for them, they should do well to go through. Yes, play beautiful football, but also take the shots. This is the knockout stage, so only goals will get us through to the finals.

Come on Arsenal!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

EPL Sat night

The thing I like about EPL season? You are never lost on what to do on a weekend. After a nice time at the Esplanade and dinner care of Mickey(for the side bet when Man Yoo lost to The Gunners), we made our way to Liz Pub to catch the Liverpool match.

As you might guess, most of the pub was rooting for the Reds against the Spuds. Spurs really didn't look like a big team that they always aspire to, how the NewPaper can lump them together with the top 4 and call it the Big 5 is beyond me. They deserved to lose 3-o.

As the regulars gathered, Arsenal were lining up to face Sheffield United. I shouldn't say that I was prepared for a thrashing of Sheffield United, after all they did make it into the Premier league. What I didn't expect was a goaless first half.

I was getting frustrated at teams that seem to park their lorries in front of goal whenever they play against Arsenal. However, as suggested by a fellow Gooner Lokesh, most visiting teams to the Emirates would be more than happy with a point already, therefore the negative play.

The first half was not doing me any good. Many times I was left cursing in my beautiful hokkien at the missed opportunities and the negative football Sheffield United were playing. I had a side bet with Mickey. 2-0 she gets a meal from me, 3-0 the next dinner's on her.

It took a little more than an hour later when Henry tipped the ball over to Fabregas, who then flipped it to Gallas, who then volleyed it high into the net, past the goalie. 1-nil to the Arsenal! The mood at the pub was lifted and my prediction was coming true. You've probably read the match reports already so I won't go into that. I must mention Henry's header in the 80th min though, you don't see too many from the King, and it was as good as any I shall say.

3-0. My next dinner is on the house again.

Oh and to round up a nice Saturday night out, Man Yoo only managed a draw travelling to Reading. Suffer the wrath of Ferguson, boys...

Visit to Old Trafford

I was in Manchester recently and decided to visit Old Trafford, homeground of Man Yoo. It was a 20min tram ride from where my hotel is, a return ticket costing about 2 pounds. The thing about buying tickets for public transport when one is overseas; better pay up than face the embarrassment of getting caught without one, which by then would incur a fine 10X, in some places 100X the original fare. Don't ngiao la...

So once at the station it was a short walk
in the nice sunny weather to the Stadium. As one gets closer the neighbourhood turns very, well, red. Not everyone is too thrilled though.

I bought the tour for a little less than 10 pounds and was soon taking a wal
k through Man Yoo's history and record books. It's easy to get lost in all the trophies and memoroblia and players' stats, but most times I just had a fertive glance at them.

What I couldn't quite get over was when I went into the players' changing room, instead of displaying the full kit for photo opportunities, they put up photos of them players according to where they sat. Very disappointed at that, and it's quite laughable when you see the people snapping at it too. I mean, it's a damn poster la..

Then we went on to the pitch, or at least just outside it. It's a grand stadium, and bless them lucky souls who are able to catch the action here. Actually it was made sweeter by the fact that we beat their sorry asses the week before, but of course I kept my mouth shut la.

I can't wait to fly to London when I can visit Emirates Stadium and perhaps, even watch a match! It'll be tons more fun!

Review : Forbidden City - Portrait of an Empress

I decided to watch this musical before it goes on a tour on a Sat afternoon.

I'm usualy supportive of the local productions and this has to rank as one of the ones that can actually make it overseas.

Kit Chan plays the young Empress Dowager and her voice doesn't fail her. Seated nearer to the stage, I could see that she not only sang the songs, but told the stories through her eyes too.

The production was slick, with simple props that doesn't take your attention away from the storyline. There were even Chinese subtitles to go along with the musical. I had to buy the CD after the show, there were a few songs I liked, especially those done by Kit Chan. How I wished I'd seen her in Snow Wolf Lake, the Hong Kong version.

I do suggest you put aside a nice weekend afternoon to watch this musical before it ends its run on the 30th Sep. Watch the matinee at 3pm cuz it's two and a half hour long with intermission, so you still have the evening after the show for other activities :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


Steve-o and company, er... his, has done it again.

Ladies and Gents, presenting the new iPod Shuffle...

Drool factor? 10 outta 10 ;~~~
1-nil to the Arsenal

Too dark..but just listen to them SG Gooners!

1-nil to the Arsenal!!

So there I was at Liz Pub in my yellow away jersey for "The Showdown".

Got there by 9pm, watched the Chelsea v Liverpool match. Drogba scored a nice goal, and if I didn't detest them that much, I would've applauded.

I didn't. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0. Yawn.

To the main event.

The SG Gooners were slowly streaming in by now. Kev brought his Bro Blog along too to soak in the atmosphere. Yes, I'm sure he realizes that this is where the true fans are! I even heard that there was a small Man U group watching at the poolside.

This was a grudge match. Though the common enemy seem to be Chelsea these days, the history between Arsenal & Man U has always been good fodder for the fans and media alike.

Again I shall leave it to Kev to analyse the match through and through. We should've been 1 up on the 11th minute, but Gilberto slipped. Gallas should've thrown himself towards the ball on another opportunity, and got us the 3 points, but didn't.

Le Prof brought in The Beast-Baptista, and there were shouts for Theo too from the SG Gooners. He's my Super-Sub when Arsenal needs that extra oomph.

In the end, Adebayor provided us with late cheers on the 85th min. The whole pub erupted and roared in unison, Eric was dancing around the room too!

Ooo and by the way, if you read the Sunday edition of the NewPaper, you'd realise that only one punter made a clean sweep at the betting window on this match. His name? Jules Carter. Me like...

Ernest Luis is also the only guy who gave Arsenal a chance in the electric version of the Sports section. Good on ya, mate!

Nice way to start off a Monday eh??

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I need my zzz's

Should I call it insomnia? Or sleep deprivation?

By choice mostly, I stay up way past bedtime on many nights. This is definately not healthy for someone past 30. Sometimes I even get up in the middle of the night, just to do things around the house.

Surfing, late night TV, packing luggage, chores, I even went jogging once way past midnight at the neighbourhood track!! I always know that I should go to bed, but my mind is so active that I'm better off staying awake!

Perhaps it's my time management, which is next to nil. I always am trying to do what I should've done the day before, only to procrastinate and have more things to do the day after(???)

I am so not a virgo, who they say...

"... is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and associated with purity and service. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a diligent, analytical, self-sufficient, controlled, orderly, modest, and intellectual character, but one which is also prone to fussiness, perfectionism, harsh criticism, coldness, and hypochondria..."

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Walaaan! Just bloody shooot la!!

Just came back from Liz. Most of the boys were there; Kev, Daniel, Shai, Hassan, Allen, Gooner4ever, Ashley, and many more. Daniel brought his friends from France along, hope they had a good time there.

Sigh.. Arsenal ended the match 1-1, and only after Boro were down to 10 men. Most times the people at the pub were just shouting for the Gunners to take a shot at goal.

The Gunners are many times accused of trying to "walk" the ball into the opposition's net. Although this time they weren't doing anything fancy in front of goal, they also left it too late to take any meaningful shots. By the time they start thinking of shooting, 10 men are already standing in front of the Boro goal defending!!

And why didn't they send in Theo?? Yes, he's no big time signing from Chel$ski or Real Madrid, but I feel things always happen when he has the ball. To start with Gallas I understand, but to send in Baptista - a newbie, when we needed a win badly?? I felt this was not a good time to "display" our new signing Baptista, not when he's not familiar with the team, with the English game, even the English language itself. Sigh..

Well, all I can say is that it's very heng that we managed a draw against 10 men Boro.

Not many matches will turn out so lucky...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kallang, one last time

I don't remember watching any exciting matches at the Kallang Stadium. My elder brothers probably did, when they were selling otah-otah and kueh-kueh in the stands back in the early 80's. By the time I was old enough, hawkers were no longer allowed inside and thus I missed watching the early Singapore teams live at the Stadium.

In fact I was never a fan of the local soccer scene. However, since the Gooners asked me along for this opportunity to see the inside of the Kallang Stadium for perhaps one last time, I tagged along for the experience.

We've all agreed to go in our Arsenal jerseys (Red mah). As expected there were the Man-U, Liverpool and a few Lions jerseys around the stadium too. The Chinese supporters were out in full force, some arriving by chartered buses. Many had their national flags draped around them. I overheard some boasting about how they were gonna score 4, even 8 goals against the Lions. Patriotic, yes. Arrogant, perhaps.

The atmosphere in the stands was friendly in the beginning. There were friendly jabs about the opposing teams from both sides of supporters. The main sponsor had opened up the upper gallery to some 100 fans if they arrived early, with the promise of free beers and snacks. Lucky it was only 100, else once the beer starts to kick in who knows what might have transpired between them and the Chinese fans.

However, it was rude for the supporters to be jeering while the respective national anthems were being played, more rude when I heard a few unkind remarks about the Chinese nationals from the Singapore supporters side. I'd have preferred that we saved all that voice to shout out support for our own teams. I felt that there should've been some sort of segregation, between the 2 teams' supporters. I know, it's not the Malaysia Cup of the heydays, but still safety has to be a concern at events like these.

Well, the Lions did well against the "Red Army". When I say that I mean that they kept a clean sheet against the China team. The Lions had no ideas up front, always pumping the ball high and hoping for the best. Many could see that they couldn't out-jump many of the Chinese players, so why they kept doing that I don't understand. My man of the match? Goalkeeper Lionel Lewis. If it weren't for his safe hands, and some bad luck for the Chinese team, we'd have been 2 or 3 goals down at the end of the evening.

As we ambled our way out after the final whistle, we took a last look at the Stadium, all lit up. For many it holds fond memories from as far back as a decade ago. Hopefully someday a new Stadium would be able to hold more fans and one may hear the Kallang roar loud and proud again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

AhTiong recommends

Kazu Japanese restaurant at #04-05 Cuppage plaza.

Sells mainly yakitori, which means chicken skin, chicken neck, chicken wings, chicken backsides..

The grilled goose liver is to die for!!!

How I know? Birthday treat from baby Sis mah...

Go try!

More...*burp*.. cake

So today Mickey brought me to Lawry's at Paragon. My, this place has one of the best service I've encountered in a restaurant. The staff from the hostess to the waitress to even the bus-boys were polite, professional and knowledgable. It goes without saying that it's an expensive joint, but I felt compelled to tip them a bit more over the service charge. Must reward and encourage good service staff ma.

Since it was my birthday, I got a discount off the 2nd main course. They had a look at my IC for verification and I thought that was that. When it came to dessert however, I was pleasantly surprised when the floor staff got together and sang me a birthday song! And they sang it loud enough for the other diners to clap along even! So old already, a bit paiseh leh...

I got meself a new set of cabin bags, courtesy of my Sis. Naturally I'm having a whale of a time going through all the secret compartments and pockets.

Ahh... *sniff* ... that new bag smell...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bird-Day part duex

I've just found out that people celebrate birthdays over the whole of a week.

I was at Wala rocking out with my Sis when the gal at the next table mentioned that tonight was her first day of a week-long celebration for her birthday. I guess it makes sense; with people spread all over the island and schedules to juggle, one should take a week off for his birthday to have all his friends celebrate for him. Problem is the hangover that one has to deal with, for a whole week.

I was there early with Mickey and also my new friend Shai, a Gooner I just got to know. Lucky too, cuz the joint filled up fast and my other friends who came later had to stand in line till the place cleared out somewhat. Much beer and chicken wings followed. Of course there's the ubiquitous cake, which I shared with The UnXpected people, my friends, the nice staff Mona and her bouncers, even the gal at the next table. Yummy cake I must say...

After the last song it was some late night shopping at Cold Storage( it stays open 24/7 at Holland V!) with dear Spunky before heading home to wind down, in anticipation of MY week-long birthday celebration.

Incidentally, it was Teachers' Day and many went to Wala to celebrate. Used to be teachers were these aunties old enough to be your mother with a cane in one hand, textbook the other. These days, they're much younger and more... well, liberated.

Times, they are a changing.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Bird-Day to Me!!

I'd just finished my BBQ at Punggol Park tonight. Thanks very much to dearest Mickey, I pretty much didn't do anything other than call up my list of friends. Alas, not many were free that night, but I am very grateful for those that turned up.

It should have been a logistical nightmare; the number of satays, chicken wings, prawns, sotong, fish, otah, alcohol etc that made up the BBQ. As I mentioned, Mickey did a top notch job and things turned out perfect.

I'm sure many my age would be surprised to be still going to a BBQ. All the smoke and smell doesn't seem quite appealing after you hit 30. Most of us were just happy to be standing around with a beer in our hand and talking about everything under the sun..or moon in this case.

It was great to see my birthday cake, I felt like a 8 yr old boy when I saw it! It was in the shape of a football! Amongst my birthday gifts were an Arsenal away jersey, a warm converse sweat jacket, a webcam, a watch, a cap and a usb reader I think. Frankly I was just glad that people showed up at the BBQ! The fact that it went on without a hitch, thanks to Mickey again, is such a bonus!

Thanks to those who came, tomorrow go Wala cheong ah!!