Monday, December 31, 2007

Party of One

Er-ling-ling-Ba... Huat ah!!

Dear Axel...

Be strong Be brave Be athletic

Be filial Be humble Be nice

Be a gentleman Be a charmer Be a loyal friend

Be a traveller Be an adventurer

Go fast Go far Go take risks


...To your life

Friday, December 28, 2007

And then there are 3

Congratulations to my buddy redcocoon. He'll be welcoming 2008 with a new addition to his family!

Wa...really cannot get by with children calling me kor kor liao!

Disappointing draw at Fratton Park

With Ian and Tammy at Gunners Pub, London

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Silent nights

I pretty much was not expecting myself to party X'mas 2007 away.

Staying at home and reading throughout Christmas was not what I envisaged myself doing either.

Yet that was precisely what went on in Ah Tiong world.

I had Christmas eve off, but was scheduled for a 5am pick up the next day. Therefore I flipped through the idiot box before deciding that there was nothing great on. That was about the time I brought the book out.

Came back from my flight on Christmas day, had a late lunch. Went home took a nap, woke up to find myself flipping them pages again.

It was 12:01am Boxing Day when I finally finished the 1st of 3 books at MacDonald's.

Quietest X'mas...evar!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Head and shoulders above Ade

I was standing outside of the Liz pub by then. Then it happened.

A penalty was awarded to Spuds. Keane took his shot. Almunia saves it!!

More was to come. Bendtner came on for Eboue right before Cesc took a corner at the Spuds half. The match was gonna turn around, I could feel it.

Will let the video speak for itself.

Start the boy along RvP I say!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worth staying up for...

I cannot do as well as SgGooner or Siren for match reports. So only in point form la.

  • My favourite goal, check out the cross from Bendtner!

  • Bendtner is looking very good to me at the moment, start him alongside RvP, at least give him 60min la.

  • Eduardo has proven to be the fox in the box.

  • Alex Song is doing a Toure, defending decently but goes up too high up the pitch too often for my liking.

  • Fabianski looks like a future No.2 in the making.

  • Oh, and Robbie Savage is a c**t, as usual.

10 boys!
We only need 10 boys!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Blonde Hero, as witnessed by an Aussie Gooner

What a night out.

Arsenal had all of their injured back, whom while still rusty, provided the impetus we needed to perform like we should do. Almunia was in top form, and he kept us in the match with his point blank saves and that tip over from Shev-whatawasteofmoney-chenko in the dying minutes of the match.

My man of the match.

Other than that, it was business as usual. The ref had stamps on both his eyes, and Ashley Cole is a true, true wanker. He should've been carded and got a red in the dying seconds, but as mentioned before, the ref had his blinkers on.

I met up with Cyrus from Melbourne. He found my posts on Arsenal Australia forum and decided to come over to watch some real football after that pathetic show by Liverpool at Anfield, which he watched at the Cavern. I dare say that he was impressed, especially with the girls who actually knew what was going on on the pitch.

He will make his appearance on the Singapore forum soon enough...

We are top of the league
We are top of the league...

Friday, December 14, 2007


I was gonna wake up at 330am to watch the Arsenal v Steau Bucharest tie online. Alas I closed my eyes for 40 more winks which took 3 hours, and I woke up at 630am instead. In the end had to settle for match reports, forums, and clips of the goals scored for my Arsenal fix.

I then went on to as many sites as I could to say that I hope that RvP can partner Bendtner in the coming clash with Cheat$ki on Sunday. I feel that Ade-aiyoyo is getting too big for his non-scoring boots and should be benched to humble him a bit.

The above is on the premise that our most potent mix of midfielders are not back in action. Ade-aiyoyo, in the absence of RvP, had a lot of supply from them. Without a strike partner and our midfielders, he was often the point man at the frontline. So why does he always drift to the wings, trying to dribble past defenders? He's not good at controlling the ball at his feet, and his touches are not up to scratch at the moment.

Of course RvP cannot play the full match so soon after coming back, so I would substitue him for Ade-aiyoyo on 60-70 minutes.

This is sounding like an Ade-bash-yor...

Anyhoo, the match against Cheat$ki will be played after Anfield host those cheap, whore-loving ManYoo players.

Liz Pub will fill up earlier with reds supporters who buy the ONE milkshake and sit their cheap asses on the best seats to last the whole telecast and more.

So be there at Liz early ya...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chasing cars

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to air travel. We can fly budget, enduring some lack in choices. We can choose to fly with a cheaper airline, discounting some comfort. More often than not, if it's a longer distance, many choose to pay a premium for travelling from A to faraway B within the least amount of time.

One of the grouses I get from my passengers is that our ticket prices are slightly higher than other airlines. It then invariably leads to them saying that they don't mind paying more for the premium service and extras that they cannot get on the other airlines. Staff are constantly reminded of the following.

"Passengers are paying more, be nice to all of them. All the time."

Back on the ground, things are not that simple. Taxis, which many authorities are calling a premium travel option, does not have that distinction from other travelling choices. You don't get anything more than having a cabin all to yourself throughout the short journey.

One is still at the mercy of the chauffeur at the wheel.

It's not a guarantee that he will take the shortest and fastest route. The fare charges are multi-tiered, not straightforward enough. Not all are safe drivers. He doesn't assist with your luggage. You may have caught him on a bad day and be subjected to his moods . If you don't dress or act the part, you may even be taken for a ride, bad pun intended.

I avoid taking a cab on most occasions. My estate is blessed with buses and mrt that ply to where I regularly need to go. I'd even taken up walking to my neighbourhood mall, 4 stops away.

Also, I am quite ngiao...

The few times that I do need to take a taxi, I am on the defensive and always looking out for service lapses. I'm going to start asking for a receipt as soon as I board the cab.

It's rarely as case of sitting back and enjoy the ride.

And all this, right before the holiday season.

As many a great scribe would write when faced with a situation whereby he cannot get any advantage in...

Lan lan lor!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Moblog: Rattle and Har??!

Not really impressed... They play at Muddy Murphy's on Thurs.

5:08 am

"I wanna say it out loud

Yet there's only silence

I nod my head

But I may not be agreeing

Is this the part where

It all goes to pieces?"

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A warm, fuzzy feeling

Usually I spend much time online doing a whole lot of nothing.

Past few days I have been hammering at the keyboard like a crazed monkey, sending out emails left, right, centre.

The reason being Arsenal Singapore is trying to put together an event for some young teenagers from The Salvation Army's The Haven on 12th Jan '08.

"The Haven is a residential home for abandoned, abused and neglected children, mostly referred to The Salvation Army for care by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports."

Yours truly here have been tasked to put things together.

My inexperience showed, right from the first email I sent out; it's always better to call the organization up first before sending out the email, so I've been told.

That and other helpful tips has got me closer to achieving the club's objective of not only being a supporters' club, but a supporters' club that cares for the community as well.

There are flyers to be printed, volunteers to be canvassed, equipment to be borrowed, activities to be planned out...

I actually am feeling quite useful in all this, it's been a while now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Eat Drink Man Woman

The heavy drinking/gathering sessions while overseas are a thing of the past. A fond, often hazy, memory of my younger days in my occupation.

That's not to say that I don't miss it. The camaraderie, the sideshows that goes on in the background, the incessant chatter that raises a few decibels with every clink of the glass. Often we have to change a few venues when security comes knocking at our doors.

Used to be a few dozen beers will suffice. Now, a diverse playlist in the iPod coupled with a decent speaker is a minimum. Then Black Label, Green Label, MacCallen, Absolut and the odd Bombay Gin make their regular appearances on the table. Of course, in wine countries such as Australia or France, the chardonnays, shiraz, bourdeux, and sauvignon blancs are the star. The snacks/titbits are no less important here. The right chips, selection of cheese, even a nice plate of fried rice more than a party makes.

Whilst it was often a case of me being stripped down to my boxers when I first started-I was so young and naive then, now I just nurse my drink whilst watching others make a fool of themselves. Sometimes, things get a bit heated up and people get hot under the collar. That is when the less inebriated posse such as me step in so that the situation does not go out of proportion.

Rant over. Time to go nurse a slight hangover. Any tips?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The futility of customer feedback

"Understand that a new verification procedure is in place for using C***bank cards overseas. The card will be declined before the customers get an overseas call on their mobile to verify that they are using the card at said location.

While it seems low tech for a company of your size, I understand the need for it.

However, there was no communication with members with regards to the above, whether by email, on the website, by a phonecall, or even an SMS.

One can imagine the poor guy who gets his card cut up in a store in some overseas shop, or be dealt embarrassing treatments when the card does not go through the 1st time. And what about those who do not pick up calls while overseas? Has the company thought of that?

I have taken the liberty of informing all my friends, since your company has not taken the initiative.

I await your reply via email"

I can only hope that they actually DO read feedback forms, and DO reply.

Think got a better chance of having Lin Chi Ling Maggie Q show up at my door and wanting to play ping pong with me...amongst other things.

*Cue drooling...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 men in a pub

3 guys at Wala Wala.

A bottle of Chivas, 2 plates of wings.

The songs ring out. Conversation flows. Eye candy, available.

Aspirations. Jobs. Love.

No office politics. No char bo to fuss about.

All Thursdays should be like this...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Green is In

I was in Beijing recently and a heavy fog had set in such that there wasn't much sunlight the whole time that I was there. I had to go out to eat and when I came back my sinuses acted up and a sneezing fit ensued.

The environment. It's the word that's on the tip of many developed countries' tongue, the new marketing strategy for large corporations when they churn out their products, and part of many pet projects in the neighbourhood schools.

I remember how my Mum used to make me bring empty containers of bleach back to the local provision store to offset a few cents for the next bottle purchased.

Fast forward to today, and the chain supermarket that I go to doesn't have such a scheme any more. I had just sent out an email enquiring them about it actually.

I'd gladly bring it down to them for free, if only they will take it back. And as far as possible, I bring a shopping bag that can be folded neatly away into a pocket.

I prefer to get everything via email, be it bank/credit card statements or the utility bill. Whenever there is junk mail, the reverse side is usually not printed. It makes for decent printing material really. Even shopping receipts can be used to write small notes. Refill packs are welcome too, instead of getting another new bottle of the same shampoo or shower gel.

I read somewhere that in Japan there is a push to carry one's own chopsticks to cut down the use of disposable ones in restaurants. Some genius(?) even worked out how they can hold it in women's brassiere!




Version 3.0

My 3rd camera, Canon S5is.

Ready to go shooting again...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Well drawn event

Am writing to thank all the Exco members, sponsors and the tireless crew at Elizabeth pub on a job well done.

The media has been talking this match up the whole week. In the end, hundreds of Singapore Gooners turned up at the pub to support the Arsenal. It was great that the match started early, so that many brought their whole family along.

The Club organised a quiz to help keep the atmosphere on a high pre-match and participants even had a showdown after the match. The lucky winner walked away with a signed Arsenal jersey at the end of a thrilling 4 goal draw.

Many other memorabilia were also given out during the pop quiz at half time. I especially enjoyed seeing the very young Gooners clutching at their key rings, magazines, and match programmes. They probably bringing it to bed now.

All these kodak moments were captured by our very own Ah 9. He is the very eh sai. Poor dude didn't have a decent pint throughout the match. Next round on me brudder...

There were friendly digs at the ManYoo supporters who decided to turn up at OUR house. Why wouldn't they dare turn up in their team jersey? And sing their songs?

We don't bite, not usually.

"2-1, and ya f**ked it up..."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Post Pig 'n Whistle

After finding out where Bribane Gooners hang out for matches, I made my way to Pig 'N Whistle English pub on Eagle street. The pub is big, with generous seatings both indoors and out. I had a very nice steak for dinner there before deciding that I was way too early for the match. Even the waiter said so.

So it was back to the room to see Bolton draw with Villa on a sorry excuse for a TV. Met another crew and seeing how he was a Pool supporter, we decided to watch the match together at the pub. It was Monday morning, so it was a noticeably small crowd. I could only count out 5 other Gooners there, Scocers outnumbering us. They started to warm up by sittin right in front of the projection screen. I was on high ground so it didn't matter.

For long periods after the 1st goal I was quite silent, trying to contain my urge to spout expletives at the ref and more so, the cunt-Carragher! By the half time I've had my 5th Kilkenny of the night, and brought out the Arseanal flag to drape over the bannister. That got some attention from the aussies but I wasn't caring by then. I started to sing songs about Fabregas and cheered on my Arsenal.

With the passing minutes I grew louder and more Hokkien words were escaping my throat. Even my Pool partner was silently reserved, even though they had the lead. I was willing for Arsenal to chase down the equalizer when Fabregas did just that on the 80th min. I was giving the aussie Gooners in front of me high 5's all round.

The Gunners held out for the draw. I took a photo with Justin, Andrew and Bambi (yes, Bambi), and gave them the contact for Arsenal Singapore. Will host them if they ever drop by on our shores.

Moblog: Gooner guest scorers

Well won draw at Anfield. Seen here with aussie Gooners, Andrew, Justin & Bambi(yes, as in the deer).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gooner Down Under..

The flights must be getting to my head. At first I thought I'd be missing the clash between Liverpool and Arsenal at The Liz, and the match will be played while I'm mid-air serving the 292nd cup of coffee.

Turns out I touched down this morning and they are screening the match on their sports channel in the hotel. Australia doing well in international soccer has rubbed off on the cable operators, who are screening more soccer in addition to their staple of cricket, rugby and their
very own aussie-rules football.

I looked up and found out about the Gooners in Australia. There's even a hangout, a chain of them in fact! They gather at Pigs 'n Whistle and I hope I get to meet up with some members there. Am wearing the Arsenal Singapore polo, and armed with my flag and scarf, will be downing pints watching the action from Down Under.

The hours are ticking away...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Say cheese

My Flickr pro account has expired. Just as well, since I'm not able to upload any new photos because of the lack of a digital camera.

I am not a fan of the new compact models that are flooding the market these days. Most of them cost upwards of $600, and one doesn't have full control over the way you want the photo to turn out.

I see many of my friends buy these and shake my head when they do not know how to use the plethora of functions available to really bring out a nice picture. Sometimes I feel they are better off using the recent models of camera phones for their Kodak moments, plus you can make calls on it!

I will not go the way of the DSLR though. The DSLR is like a Subaru WRX. You buy the basic body of the camera, then spend a couple more hundred (sometimes thousands!) on lenses, filters, external flashes, and an endless list of accessories that will drown you. Then you have to buy a dry box to stow all of that. And the day will come when your fire goes out in photography, and you have to sell off most of it at a huge loss-as is the case with all consumer electronic items.

Therefore I have decided to go the prosumer way. Costing a dash more than the compact models, I will have bigger control over how I would like my photos to turn out, without over indulging on too much add-on items.

All I need now is a Milo tin to start saving for one.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shiny happy people holding hands

"A repeal is the removal or reversal of a law. This is generally done when a law is no longer effective, or it is shown that a law is having far more negative consequences than were originally envisioned."

On Monday NMP Siew Kum Hong will be petitioning the Parliament to repeal section 377A. This law criminalises homosexual activities between 2 males, even in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Interestingly there are no laws against homosexual acts between 2 females.

Yes, lesbian sex is aye-okay with the gahmen...

Not long ago, the penal code was changed to decriminalise, amongst other stuff, adultery.

So which one do you think damages the social fabric of a nation; 2 males humping each other in private, or the spouse running off with another partner(s) putting both families ( sometimes with children ) under stress?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moblog: Take my breath away

I can already picture the dentist going "Tsk tsk tsk" under the mask.

What the Face?

It had to happen.

Another networking site that sucks hours out of your time on the computer.

Facebook actually started out as a networking tool for college students in the US. It has since morphed into diabolical proportions and now even some companies are getting in on it.

This phenomenon is not lost on the local populace. Where it used to be restricted to the (bright?) minds in the universities, now anyone and everyone along with their pet hamster can get onto it. I've gotten some invites from friends and family as well.

So far I've stayed in the light.

I think that it has got to a point where enough is enough. I don't even stay in touch enough with the contact list on my mobile, what chance those on the world wide web? I even went ahead with deleting my friendster account just this morning.

If you wanna stay in touch with a friend, call 'em and ask them out for coffee.

That or send a sincere SMS.

Too much time on the computer will a dull boy/girl maketh of you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Been laying off for a while.

Dunno what the f*ck I been busy with though. I've stopped going to dragon boat racing and may not be considered for the team to row during the Singapore River Regatta. Have eased off on the nightly jaunts to the pub, save for those weekends when Arsenal is playing and I'm in town. Tried my hand at cable ski, and fell flat on my face in the water enough times to burst a blood vessel in my nose. My credit cards have taken a beating and I should reign myself in before I do any more real damage.

My bookmarks have changed a bit too. Going to pron sites are not a priority now (it just means I still go, just not too often). More often than not I end up in forums/message boards; Arsenal Singapore, Sammy's Alfresco Coffeeshop, Sony Ericcson user groups... It's great for nuggets of information that you need, news that they don't report in the ShiteTimes and perhaps, make some new friends.

I've added a few more buddies to my Pidgin IM since then, and some days are spent chatting with 2 or 3 at the same time. Not bad, when one doesn't have much television to watch in a foreign land.

Other times, I've been dreaming up my restaurant/eatery. It's something that I allow myself to indulge in, even though I may never see the day that my dreams become brick and mortar.

Oh, and I've gained 7 kilos.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello... I'm with Stupid

I came across 2 letters in TNP today-dated 25th Sept, page 17.

One was a suggestion that they move that "Monkey God" tree in Jurong West to a temple opposite where the mythical tree is situated. That involves some taxpayers' money, but the writer feels that an "amicable agreement" can be reached for the good of her fellow Singaporeans.

Firstly, the image on the damn tree is formed by a natural process called callusing. The devotees ie. devoted to 4D, Toto, en bloc sales etc, are foolishly choosing to believe that it's a divine apparition and trying to make a fast buck out of it.

Secondly, what makes the writer think that they'd try to save a tree with no significant value (save maybe for shade) compared to, in recent memory, the 80 yr old Angsana tree at Braddell Road, which they chopped down unceremoniously.

A case of missing the forest for the trees?

The 2nd letter made me do a double take actually. At first I thought it was another letter to highlight the robotic/inflexible service that is (still) common in modern Singapore.

After reading it again though, I started laughing. It seems that the writer has highlighted his own stupidity by wrapping it in service jargon.

Instead of admitting that he forgot to take his cashcard out of the IU unit; thus avoiding being charged for parking that had already been reimbursed to him, he went on to complain how the staff couldn't refund said charge on the spot; thus highlighting his own stupidity to other people instead.

The customer is always right- except when their brains are missing from the heads.

Sigh... lang gong bo yo yee ( there's no medication for stupidity).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I had 10 mins to live...

This is what I'd be watching

Moblog: WTF!!

Arsenal v Sevilla was coming on when this happened!

Perhaps I was too trigger happy when I went on to cancel my sports channel subscription...

Monday, September 17, 2007

You're being directed to the voicemail...

I've lost my voice for the past 2 days. Good thing I have this bottle in my fridge. Tastes nice, especially after being chilled in the fridge.


My voice is coming back, slowly but surely.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spuds 1 Arsenal 3

We have an active forum in Arsenal Singapore. Many Gooners head there for the latest in all things Arsenal, and then some.

Recently though, a troll has made its appearance and the so called "flame wars" began. It is not something I am proud to see in a forum that I often visit and contribute to. It is all right if one who puts up posts are fans from another football club, but if you can't be constructive, at least be friendly.

Anyways, boohoo to the Spuds fans who thought this was a clash of the titans, or David versus Goliath. It was more like taking candy from a child.

Martin Jol may just be updating his resume now... Darren Bent? That dude should spend some of the ridiculous transfer fee they spent on him on a big pair of glasses; it was an OPEN goal dude!!

No matter, the Gunners put their poor cousins in their rightful place, and are top of the league at the moment with 1 match in hand.

Just wished the Gooners who watched this were at The Liz.

FYI: Just cancelled my sports channel. Save the money for beer more worth it.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shen Ri Kuai Le

So my birthday came and went.

I didn't do anything lavish or special this year, compared to last years' week-long celebrations, cuz it didn't warrant the need to.

My dear Sis bought me a nice set lunch at Michelangelo's, I then went with her to Ikea to pick out her cupboard - and bought myself a new throw/blanket along the way, dammit the temptation was too strong! In the evening my buddy redcocoon invited me over to share dinner with him and his lovely wife. I then came home and stayed online till 6 in the morning.

Heck, I didn't so much as have a beer!

Some birthdays are significant:
@16, when you think adulthood is imminent...
@18, when you think, yes adulthood has finally dawned!
@21, when they tell you that, yes NOW you are an adult. There's even a cake in the shape of a key to cut into!

@30, when you wonder what you've been doing (or not) since becoming a full-fledged adult at 21
@35, when you panic and wish you were back at 18...or 21? Ok la, at least 30 can??

34; one year short to be a highlight, and many over to be bothered about.

Still, I very much appreciate the SMSes, the calls, comments in blogs(mine and SgGooner's) and the E-card from my beautiful Thai friend.

I will reciprocate the above congratulatory gestures, and hope that yours don't end with a whimper like mine.

Now then, onwards with my adult life...

Monday, September 03, 2007


I should've posted this last night, but had to go for a course early this morning, so am only getting down to recording the events of yesterday.

Started out getting down to Holland Village to help my Sis out with her move. Her new place looks great, despite the small-ish room that she rented (but at a great price, I think). Amost every piece of furniture is from Ikea, and it's got this great musician vibe about it. It's near to where she works and I really hope she invites me over there to chill out sometime, 'cuz the place looks like a dream!

I then rushed myself down to Liz Pub to catch the Arsenal v Portsmouth match. The regular kakis where all there, along with many new faces too. I quickly ordered my drinks and spicy wings, then settled down at one corner to watch the match. It felt good to drape the Red&White around me, guzzle beer, wolf down wings and sing out loud. Ahhh... this is how all Arsenal weekends should be.

Arsenal came away with a fantastic result, and coupled with Cheat$ki's loss to Aston Villa, made reading the sports section today a joy. I am really sad to announce that I've been rostered for a flight for the London derby against Spuds. Have to start looking hard for kind souls to help me out the next Saturday after this.

Fingers crossed...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hit me with your best shot

Had a great Saturday out to Batam with the guys for a session of wakeboarding. Actually I just tagged along for the chance to soak in the sun and drink duty free alcohol. The journey there was not too bad, Long from Batam Cable ski Park got everything arranged for us few days before after getting some passport details.

The guys were off the moment we got there. I hooked up my iPod to the sound system, and the boarders had some funky tracks to groove to while waiting for their turn. I spent some time taking some photos using their cameras. It got me itching to get a faster camera for all the tricks that the boarders were getting into.

Alas, somewhere between the ferry terminal and the ski park, my camera must've fallen out of the bag. I was still hopeful that I had left it home, whilst switching bags over. Looked this morning and confirmed that I had indeed lost my 2nd camera.

Now am looking at a few prosumer models from Canon and Nikon. Have to start saving up for one, or maybe look into getting a 2nd hand model. So at the moment I only have the K800i to use for daily snaps, which does the job well enough if the shot is not too demanding la.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I dream of Miyagi...

The following was quickly hammered out in the wee hours of this morning:

Here I am up at 0415 in the morning hitting the keyboards. If only I put such dedication into my commitment to start committing to exercise, I'd be a few pounds lighter liao. And probably not so obsessive about waking up at 0415 in the morning and writing down a weird dream that I just had.

Quickly; it involves Jackie Chan in a very bad sci fi/fantasy movie with a script done by some local people, one of which is Mr Miyagi. The last thing I can remember is how Mr Miyagi put his arms over my shoulder like a brudder and telling me not to believe everything that was bad mouthed about him or the movie. Oh and it got Mrs Miyagi involved too, who was carryng mini-Miyagi.

This should so go onto my blog, but I'm worried about the chain of events that it might set off, and hence result in a whirlwind of unforeseen circumstances that would just push the last breadth out of me, or just off my bed.

Which is what nearly happened before I woke up at 0415.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fast forward, please

I'm already looking forward to Sunday. Not that I'm having a bad start to the week, no.

It's because Sunday will be my 1st trip down to Elizabeth Pub since the season kicked off! The smell of alcohol on everyone's breadth; the jostling to see that move by Cesc; the chicken wings, ooh the chicken wings...

I am already reading/hearing about how it's elbow room only since word spread that The Singapore Gooners gather there. Credit must go to the Exco members for spreading Arsenal Singapore's good name, and continued efforts whilst holding down their day jobs.

I will most definitely see the regulars there, and hopefully meet some new faces too. Maybe will chill at the pool from early evening onwards, as I doubt using tissue paper to 'chope' tables like they do at Shenton Way will make me any new friends fast...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lonely Gooner

I've not been down to Liz Pub due to my schedule for Arsenal matches since their season kicked off. From what I read and hear, word has definitely spread and the pub is mostly packed on Arsenal telecasts.

Yesterday I had to contend with watching the match while in Seoul. I had to excuse myself to run back to my own room to watch StarSports coverage as the rest of them were watching the Liverpool v Chelsea match.

At least they are showing it on ESPN/StarSports here. I cannot emphasis how much I do not like the coverage on Football Channel. It's well and good if all I want is to watch the match, but for pre/half-time/post match commentary I'd rather listen to John Dykes and Steve McMahon than that pasty looking Joe Morrisson. Which makes me miss the dudes and atmosphere at Liz Pub more.

The Fulham match was a heart stopping one, the last 10 minutes providing the highest entertainment value with the help of Toure, RvP, Helb.

Playing Blackburn was like watching a football team play a rugby team. I don't know if Blackburn are as physical/bullying with any other teams in the EPL. They were mistaken if they thought these were just boys that are playing in the Carling Cup though, as Arsenal stood up to their many antics and even had a few choice words for their Manager.

The Lehmann situation doesn't look good. Yes, it's been only 2 matches. To make a blunder out of both though, is deserving of a 2nd look at our reserve keepers.

Will be on my way to Christchurch when Arsenal hosts Manchester City this Saturday (Dammit!). The standings at this point is not an accurate reflection so I am not looking at it. We do need to look hard at Lehmann though.

Arghh, can someone Fedex me some spicy chicken wings from Liz Pub?!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Moblog: Kicking back in San Francisco

Glorious weather, free concert in the park too! How to quit flying liddat...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Coming to a bus near you...

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Go Spunky \m/!

Mempersembahkan ( Coming soon)

It was a good Sunday out at Changi Village. We went for a stroll before heading to Charlie's Corner for dinner. When we got there, however, the sign says it reopens at 6pm. It was 515pm then.

It just struck me that some people in Changi Village practise the siesta, ie take a break after lunch to rest up before dinner. Cool.

The conversation inevitably turns to the much anticipated arrival of my pals' child; a boy if all indications are correct. The name has been chosen too. A very cool one at that. I jested that it would sound great for when Junior joins the X-Games, if Daddy Dearest will groom him to be such an athlete. I mentioned that Singaporeans excel at individual sports; bowling, sailing, swimming...

I asked then how about the Mandarin name? He's still wondering about that. It has to contain the word courage or yong(3) though, as it's in his family line. One of his ancestors was an emperor, according to his uncle. He's leaving it to the experts to come up with a few names, that has the right number of strokes to ensure his first kick into the real world will be a good one.

It gives one a warm fuzzy feeling when you see a good friend taking baby steps toward parenthood.

Me? I've been quoted in HerWorld magazine as someone who's old skool when it comes to bringing up a child. The cane and a strong hand will be staple, if ah boy/ah girl gets outta line. None of that "talk to your child, be his friend" crap.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Moblog: Tsk tsk...

Peng you, nin ji mo ma?

Stand up for...what??

So National Day is almost here.

Have you hung your red and white outside your place of accomodation yet?

I'm one of those who isn't.

I find it hard to fly the national flag when the country that I grew up in doesn't invoke any patriotism in me anymore.

Instead of being a citizen, I feel like an employee in Singapore Inc.

A very lowly paid one at that...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gooners@The Cage


Gooners get a workout at Kallang.

Click on the slideshow and leave comments.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moblog: A taste of what's to come...

At Liz Pub for the Emirates Cup tie between Arsenal and PSG. We won 2-1!

Next up is Inter Milan...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

No more lonely night (really?!)

I've been spending my nights at bars/pubs/clubs around town these past few nights.

The drinks still taste the same; I've switched back to vodka to cut down on my beer intake. The air quality is better with the smoking ban. The eye candy still never ceases to amaze me everywhere I turn.

Alas, my time has past, and I am just a spectator now. The playing field is stacked against me.

So it's just me and my trusty bottle of vodka...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moblog: Double Happiness!!

Shirlyn Tan. Winner of Best Breakout Band & Best Local Song. Yipee!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Geh Kiang...(Act Smart)

Why does everyone think they know the proper answers to give during an interview in order to score the bloody promotion?

Lang kiang do ho, mai geh kiang...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another one wipes the dust

My star sign says that I'm a Virgo. If you look up any astrology pages in the papers or magazines, it usually implies that Virgos are perfectionists; well organized; neat; tidy; orderly; methodical...

Well, I must've fallen off that wagon because I'm anything but any of the above.

My flat is a mess, most times. The closet is almost always bursting over from not folding my clothes away nicely. Don't get me started on the layer of dust that coats almost every surface in the flat. I always use my aversion to the dust that gets my sinus acting up as an excuse not to clean, to the chagrin of Mummy Dearest.

Well, Ludy the Housekeeper came knocking at my door one Tuesday morning, and pulled me out from all the clutter. She got to work almost immediately, never stopping even for the iced Milo I made, and gave the flat a once over. I was so motivated by her productivity that I picked up a duster and got working on my room. I stopped the moment I felt my nose tingle(see?!), and left the good woman to finish up what I started.

At the end of 4 hours, I actually thought I could eat off the floor. Never got round to testing out that theory, but the layer of dust was gone. Even my liquor corner, with all them bottles, were wiped down!

I thanked Ludy for a job well done, and gave her a small tip. The earliest she'll be available again would be in August. August couldn't come fast enough.

I'll try my darndest to keep the place in order till then. Failing which ( highly probable) , I am confident that Ludy will be there to clean up after me, literally.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Zouk night out

I wouldn't call myself a Zouker, but I did like going there, when I was more uh...energetic.

Started on Mambo Jumbo nights, then moved on to Velvet for the Crew Nights. With the mushrooming of the new clubs all over the island, the club still holds fort with the regulars.

Anyhoo, I will be there to support Shirlyn on the 25thJuly at Zouk.

She's been nominated in 2 categories this year, and I'm there to show support. And maybe chat some sweet young thing up.

So if you wanna join me that night, you know how to reach me ya??

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Made in China?!

Remind me not to eat any buns next time I'm in Beijing...or anywhere in China for that matter!

Beijing delicacy? Cardboard buns

Baby steps

So a little less than a month had passed since I put my fingers at rest and sought to make sense of all them random thoughts in my head. Words don't come easy as I pondered on how to start my blog up again.

My private life is such, private. Therefore don't hold your breathe, expecting me to open up my very own Pandora's box. It will be locked safely in my head, and a few privileged few are allowed a peep time to time.

I have gone no frills as you can see, intending to focus on content rather than ever evolving widgets to capture eyeballs.

Change, that is the only constant in our lives.

Inevitable, uncomfortable at times, not always welcomed.

However, change one must, for only with that can one break out of their own bubble and jar their senses.

Welcome back to my piece of heaven, with a day trip to hell.

Monday, June 18, 2007


This space will be left blank for a while.

There's not much material to work on, at the moment.

Don't miss me too much.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Burnt out

So there I was in Penang, body still weak from the viral infection that's taken a hold on me. I was left out when it came to sampling the many delicious local food (cuz they are too "heaty") , stayed sober while many others drank themselves silly (cuz I was on medication) , and lay in bed while the rest were having fun during the trip (cuz I needed rest, rest and more rest)

My friends have never seen me this subdued when I travel with them. The only reason that I had to move was for the dragon boat race. After rowing 4 times on the 1st day, each for 500 metres, I was consigned to bed the moment I got back to the hotel. Even my room mate moved out in case I passed the bug over to him.

This guy mentioned that I resemble a walking dead, until I got into the boat. Then I would be paddling my lungs out. We were duly rewarded with a Gold medal in the inter-airline event. It now hangs proudly in my room.

I came back with a terrible sunburn, and a deteriorating condition. The doc gave me more medication this time. I now have to take up to 5 pills, 3 times a day. I had hoped to change my flights away for a couple more days at home, but it doesn't seem possible at this point.

Rest... I need more rest...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Post mortem

Going to an interview with a viral infection is no fun. I was sticking an inhaler up into my nostrils whilst waiting for my turn to be called. I had popped up to 8 pills the night before, which wasn't very restful. I was so hoping that I would not have a sneezing fit in front of the 3 interviewers.

So how did I do? Well, my nose held up, so that was a relief. It seem so short, but I was told that I was inside for 25 minutes. I managed to get by answering some situational questions with some success, bailed on one about in-flight sales, and also asked to explain why it was my 1st interview in 12 years. Towards the end I was asked what kind of leader I would most likely be, and I gave them the whole 9 yards... It was so coincidental that my friend from Bangkok posed the same question to me in a mock interview online just the other day!

All in all, I am glad that it is over. Now I can move on to stressing out, post interview, while they tabulate the results. 14 more days of stretching out my neck for the fateful email that'll determine what coloured tie I will be wearing for my 13th year with the company.

I am heading to Penang for the annual Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. I could have made it up there the same day of my interview, but I was so drugged out that I didn't make it to the airport at all. So I'm gonna head up there early morning, with my buffet of pills, and abstain from oily and spicy food.

Fantastic. That eliminates any gastronomic adventure that I should be having while in Penang. Yip-f##king-ee....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moblog: Achooo...!

Great, the night before my interview, and I have a sneezing fit...Nah....choo

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ready? Set? Drool...

Ladies and gentlemen, the good news; it's going on sale soon.

The bad news; it costs about US$499-US$599, is available only on an American mobile network (with 2 yr contract), and won't make it here till 2008 (that's if they actually work out which telco can offer the phone, if at all)

I have a feeling the hard working citizens in China is coming up with something that looks exactly like it, perhaps work even better?!!

Till then, start drooling...

iPhone TV ads

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Loosen up...

So there I was helping out a friend, whose event company had organised a Makan Trail for a reputable overseas wealth management bank. Along with Shai and Kev, the 3 of us looked quite decent in our aprons I must say.

I was paired up with Kevin to man the Ah Hung Durian stall at Geylang. It was a very hot day out and we were impress with how the hard-working fellas do 16 hour shifts day in day out. I was complaining about the heat 20mins into my short stint, an I was not even involved in lifting any baskets of durians!!

So the teams started streaming in shortly after lunch. Most were enthusiatic about the task at hand, which was nothing more than removing the delicious "yellow gold" from the thorny fruit and packing it into styrofoam boxes. Really, it wasn't difficult to give them full marks for their efforts.

Teams consisted of an employees of the bank, along with their friend/family/maid... Most were quite upbeat, despite the heat. Many had already eaten their fill at other stations; oysters, pizzas, Indian rojak, chicken rice. Still they gobbled task in a short 5 mins, from opening the durian to spitting out the seeds of the fruits! Another team consisted of 6 kids ranging from 1-6 year old, being herded around by 3 adults. Whilst they probably didn't know what to expect from the pungent fruit, the adults still fed them small morsels. Of course, being a foreign bank, here were expats aplenty in some teams. Most gamingly tried the fruit, egged on by their local colleagues.

I was quite impressed with the way the Makan Trail was organised by my friend's young upstart events company. Even the special guest, Makansutra fame KF Seeto, was glad that the event brought people to all the best foods in town. The particpants also enjoyed themselves I suspect.

However, there were a few teams who had too much of a Singaporean competitive streak in them. Granted, it was a race of sorts, but ultimately the objective was to have some fun with friends and family. At my station, there was a team that complained that the improperly opened fruit was slowing them down, and made little effort in eating the fruit as soon as they put it into their mouths, spitting out half eaten ones just to shave off a few seconds. Another decided to not even touch the fruit when she saw that they were not of the highest quality, and sped off...

At the end of the Trail, participants were treated to a nice lunch at a local restaurant/pub. Food and drinks flowed, but many also made a hasty exit once the prizes were given out, some midway through a speech. Tsk tsk tsk...

It's an activity with so much finances/manpower pumped in by a generous company. The least one could do is to let loose and enjoy it.

Otherwise, why even turn up eh??

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Moblog: A thorny issue

So what do i do after a 12hr flt? Go help out friend at durian stall...

Thursday, May 31, 2007