Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lions whimper at the Grand Dame of Kallang...

So I was given 2 complimentary tickets to watch our National Lions play against Thailand for the AFC Asia Cup qualifier.

With nothing to do till my regular jaunt to Wala Wala (we call it SaThirstDay now..) , I asked my new friend James to join me. Great chance for him to soak in some local action too.

We had a quick lunch opposite the Geylang Lorong 1 bus terminal. The mutton briyani at Banana Leaf is pretty decent.

Whilst washing down the food with a cup of teh tarik, James asked about the price of the ticket.

Then it hit me.

I had stuff everything plus the kitchen sink into my bermuda pockets, except for the tickets!!

Feeling rather stupid, we made our way there on foot with the rest of the supporters to the stadium. The drinks and food temporary stalls were doing brisk business. James took some photos whilst I took everything in with my Vado HD.

The National Stadium is slated to be torn down. When? Nobody knows, cuz they been pushing back the demolition date too many times. Looking at it, I do not think it is necessary to be reduced to rubble.

All they really need to do is put in proper seating instead of the benches, add 2 jumbo screens and a roof. And voila! I suspect it would cost less than tearing it down and building a new one all over again.

Now you probably asking, what about the match?

It ended 1-3. The Thais didn't play that well, but Singapore sucked even more.

The only upside was that we didn't have to watch the match in the rain.

And I was soooo looking forward to using my 100yen rain jacket...