Friday, December 31, 2010


The obligatory year end post.

It will be mentioned all over, but where did the year go?!

Even the above sentence has been used to death.
Perhaps time flies when one is having fun. And I am.

Most of the fun part can be found on my twitter account @ahtiong73 (in future no one needs email or phone numbers). Some sad/bad partsare in there too but it goes away quickly.

Although I communicate more online, offline interaction did not suffer. You don't need a guru to tell you that it's not how much time you spend with a person but what you do with that time. People do not count the hours you spend with them, but instead value the few minutes that you do. And from what I have experienced from being online, there are better ways to punctuate a conversation than a smattering of ?!??!! *#^%&
> . A raised eyebrow, a smile, frantic hand gestures and in many of my cases, a raised glass of frothy goodness goes a longer way than some silly characters you generate from holding down the shift key.

I may not have met you for a very long time, our conversations may not be as long as they used to be. Do know that when I do pass you on the street or receive a buzz from you that for those few minutes you matter to me.

So I have decided that instead of a wall of text that you'd get from me intermittently, we can update each other via 140 characters or a bit more under Google buzz/ahtiong73 .

I will from time to time dig up some entries from 5 years of archive to share, but for instant gratification there are those links I provided above.

Thank you for following me, and hope you wake up to 2011 remembering 2010.