Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to SG Grove

It was very nice of Kev to gather the few of us Gooners together to watch the 2nd leg between Arsenal and Dynamo Zagreb.

I can still recall the first time I went to his place in the dead of the night, totally haven't met the guy and wondering if I'd be chopped up into a dozen pieces before being made into curry puffs. I've stayed in one piece, and made a few good Gooner friends since then.

Shai and Skye were there too, thoughtfully bringing some maggi mee goreng and pratas to tide over the hunger pangs. It wasn't a party, but to have fellow Gooners cheering the team on was way better than trying to stay awake watching alone at home. In fact we were surfing between 3 matches; that of Man-ure, Chel$ki, and my beloved Arsenal. Man U won convincingly, Chel-shit lost to Boro(yipee) and Arsenal went through, albeit not with too much flair.

As usual, I shall leave the match report to Kev and Daniel. Again I shall end with just 1 word...


Monday, August 21, 2006

Trigger Happy

I'd just came back from Melbourne, and hung out with Wen. She'd brought me to Brunswick/Smith street and I enjoyed walking around the kooky neighbourhood. Each cafe one comes across has such charactor, and almost a story to tell. You won't find a starbucks here, just cosy small shops with good coffee and sumptous food.

We'd stopped by a artiste flea market and browsed around. I enjoyed a very nice pizza at this joint called Il Bimbo! After that it was just wandering into 'herbal' shops, bookshops with outrageous titles and more photo taking of graffiti on walls that seem like art itself.

I definately am calling Wen again when I next visit Melbourne!

I just recently went ahead and got myself a Flickr pro account. Still feeling my way around with taking better pictures, so do visit my page and leave some comments eh?

No more lonely nights...

There I was on a Saturday in Melbourne, Australia. A country that plays football with their hands, and calls the beautiful game soccer instead. A country that doesn't recognise Harry Kewell when he walks down the street. A country that have a dozen talk shows about Aussie rules football (it's rugby, basically).

So imagine my delight when while surfing the channels I saw "Live" coverage of the EPL! All 3 matches, including my beloved Arsenal's were screened that night. I immediately dashed out into the chilly night to grab a 6-pack and chips to settle down to some REAL football. The rest of the Gooners were at Liz, and most of them in their new Arsenal jersey too! Heng ah I brought mine along for the trip. I had goosebumps when the camera panned across the brand new Emirates Stadium, gotta visit it next time I head to London.

I could give a rundown of the matches, but I suspect Kev and Daniel are doing a good job at it so you might wanna read up at their site. All I can say is one word...THEO!

It's great that the EPL is back in season again. Now no need to headache where to go, what to do during weekends. Well stocked bar, some chips or chicken wings, projection TV to catch all the fast paced action and I'm all set for many Saturdays and Sundays.

I've never been happier seeing 22 men with 1 ball.

Wait, that didn't sound too right...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A friend told me about this telephony software available online called Jajah.

It's sorta like Skype, but without having to put on a headset or the other person being online.

I cannot believe that it's FREE for most destinations that I'd be calling.

Right now still trying to check the forums for the catch.

Try it out!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Huat ah!!!

Me Mum asked me to go to the neighbourhood Zhong Yuan Jie Dinner with her. Nothing to do so went along.

Not bad. Apparently she'd signed me up as a member of the association organizing the dinner, so I get to go every year! Food's ok, Tiger beer free flow, plus can watch the auction up close.

Quite interesting the auction. I remembered it being much louder when I was a wee Tiong. I successfully bid for a set of golden pig ornament, which will be placed where my Mum stays :p

Here's an excerpt;

Shirlyn on TV!

Sis on TeeVee!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Why are we so stubborn sometimes?

Is it worth harping on something that's a done deal?

Is it worth crying over?

Why can't we enjoy the time we have together, instead of mulling over the time that we don't?

Sometimes human beings do the funniest things to people they care about.