Monday, September 07, 2009

36@Wala Wala

If you look at either side of this post you will see pictures and video of my party at Wala Wala. Suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, more so because I managed to stay upright till the end of the night.

On an earlier date with some friends, after a nice home cooked meal, they popped out a cake for me. I almost singed my eyebrows trying to blow out all the candles...

Next time 1 candle can liao, okay?

My better half had planned thursday night around a "Rockstar" theme and gave out KISS masks that she lovingly made by hand. We had fun walking around in it and taking many many photos. The Gene Simmons one was the crowd favourite, no surprise there.

Geriatric Gene Simmons on the left

I was prepared to be subjected to the Waterfall treatment, a birthday staple amongst us, but was not ready for the 2nd one, as can be seen from the video. There can ever only be ONE waterfall per birthday...

Nice T-shirt, very apt ain't it?

My own birthday treat? An upgrade to a Flickr pro account, and carting back a foldy back from Japan.


Thanks to all that showed up, and those who sms-ed me birthday wishes.

Now excuse me while I go feel the burn from all *pant that *pant cycling *pant ...