Friday, December 04, 2009

12 ways to Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me... an AC/DC cd..hey!

On the second day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...2 headlights,and an AC/DC cd..Hey!

on the third day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me..3 Wala furniture, 2 headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!

on the fourth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...4 xmm,3 wala furniture, 2 headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!

on the fifth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...

5 pints-of-Kilkennnnnyy!!!

4 XMM, 3 wala furniture, 2 big headlights, and an AC/DC cd...Hey!!

on the sixth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me.. 6 hours spent-in-office-plurking...


4xmm, 3 wala furniture, 2 big bouncy headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!!

on the seventh day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me... 7 NSFW links, 6 hours spentinofficeplurking..


4xmm, 3 wala furniture, 2 big juicy bouncing headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!!

on the eighth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me..8 googlewave invites, 7 NSFW links, 6hrsspentinofficeplurking...


4xmm, 3 wala furniture, 2 big juicy bouncing headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!!

on the ninth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...9, mezza9 that is, 8 googlewave invites, 7 NSFW links,6hrs wastedinofficeplurking.


4 chio xmm, 3 drunk wala furniture, 2 big juicy bouncing headlights, and an AC/DC cd..Hey!!

on the tenth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...10-hank gawd we're almost done, 9, dinner at mezza9, 8 googlewave invites,

7 freaky NSFW links, 6hrs might-as-well-go-home than wastetimeinofficeplurking...


4 chio xmm with long legs, 3 drunk wala furniture headbanging, 2 big juicy bouncing headlights that are waiting to be teh-ed..

and an AC/DC cd..Hey!

on the eleventh day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...11times this week i dun have a seat on the train..10-hankew for reading this..

9, I also wanna go mezza9, 8 googlewave invites that nobody wants, 7 NSFW links,6hrs eatsnakeandplurking..

5 PINTS_OF_beautiful, super chilled,KILKENNNNYYY!!

4 chio xmm long legs, short skirts, 3 drunk wala furniture doing air guitar now,2 headlights waiting to be teh-ed..

and an AC/DC cd..Hey!

on the twelfth day of Christmas, the cowboybar gave to me...the 12th men for the other team (referee kayuuu),

11 times I had to smell armpit cuz I dun have a seat..

10-hankew, preese cum again..

9, I also wanna go mezza9!

8 screw googlewave invites, so laggy one

7 freaky NSFW videos which had 2 female barflies in Bangkok with a random chick tourist after a bottle of vodka..

6hrs i spent pretending to work but i actually plurking


4 chio xmm, long legs, short skirts, preferably commando for the night.

3 wala furniture kena blacklisted cuz they actually tried to climb on stage and play the guitar.. with Rene still holding it.

2 boing boing headlights.

AND AN AC-freaking rocks-DC cd.................................


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lions whimper at the Grand Dame of Kallang...

So I was given 2 complimentary tickets to watch our National Lions play against Thailand for the AFC Asia Cup qualifier.

With nothing to do till my regular jaunt to Wala Wala (we call it SaThirstDay now..) , I asked my new friend James to join me. Great chance for him to soak in some local action too.

We had a quick lunch opposite the Geylang Lorong 1 bus terminal. The mutton briyani at Banana Leaf is pretty decent.

Whilst washing down the food with a cup of teh tarik, James asked about the price of the ticket.

Then it hit me.

I had stuff everything plus the kitchen sink into my bermuda pockets, except for the tickets!!

Feeling rather stupid, we made our way there on foot with the rest of the supporters to the stadium. The drinks and food temporary stalls were doing brisk business. James took some photos whilst I took everything in with my Vado HD.

The National Stadium is slated to be torn down. When? Nobody knows, cuz they been pushing back the demolition date too many times. Looking at it, I do not think it is necessary to be reduced to rubble.

All they really need to do is put in proper seating instead of the benches, add 2 jumbo screens and a roof. And voila! I suspect it would cost less than tearing it down and building a new one all over again.

Now you probably asking, what about the match?

It ended 1-3. The Thais didn't play that well, but Singapore sucked even more.

The only upside was that we didn't have to watch the match in the rain.

And I was soooo looking forward to using my 100yen rain jacket...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

21st.. Barfly style!

There's only one way to celebrate your birthday... BarFly Style!!

Now that you are 21, there are a few things you should take note of;

1. Flashing the 'V' sign while taking photos is not cute anymore hokaay?!

2. If you wanna talk to a girl, just walk up to her and do so. Don't send a whole section of boys to do it for you, and pretend that you just want to take a photo.

3. Filling your stomach before a night of heavy drinking; Good idea. Ordering dory fish with heavy cream sauce; Bad idea.

4. The sing title is "Don't Stop Me Now", not "Having A Good Time".

5. Don't keep dissin' the CowboyBar/BarFlies, you will kena your just deserts many many times over one.

All in all, you performed admirably. And had the good sense to merlion very, very far away.

Happy Birthday, chow-keng Robin!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mercy, Mercy me

Sometimes it takes just a picture, a few line in the papers to get people moving.

Now, I am not talking about Ris Low, or Tracy Ang. Those are fodder for idle time.

It was the typhoon that is sweeping across parts of SE Asia that did it for me. Pictures of helpless folks stranded by the floods, children who have lost their homes, families still trying to beef up their rickety abode against mother nature...

I went over to Mercy Relief Singapore's and read about their efforts there.

Hence, I started my weekend with a trip to the ATM and promptly transferred a modest amount to help Mercy Relief in their efforts.

It was probably what I would be spending at my favourite watering hole the same weekend anyways.

Monday, September 07, 2009

36@Wala Wala

If you look at either side of this post you will see pictures and video of my party at Wala Wala. Suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, more so because I managed to stay upright till the end of the night.

On an earlier date with some friends, after a nice home cooked meal, they popped out a cake for me. I almost singed my eyebrows trying to blow out all the candles...

Next time 1 candle can liao, okay?

My better half had planned thursday night around a "Rockstar" theme and gave out KISS masks that she lovingly made by hand. We had fun walking around in it and taking many many photos. The Gene Simmons one was the crowd favourite, no surprise there.

Geriatric Gene Simmons on the left

I was prepared to be subjected to the Waterfall treatment, a birthday staple amongst us, but was not ready for the 2nd one, as can be seen from the video. There can ever only be ONE waterfall per birthday...

Nice T-shirt, very apt ain't it?

My own birthday treat? An upgrade to a Flickr pro account, and carting back a foldy back from Japan.


Thanks to all that showed up, and those who sms-ed me birthday wishes.

Now excuse me while I go feel the burn from all *pant that *pant cycling *pant ...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gone paperless

2 years ago I was all gungho about being involved in club activities. It was refreshing, challenging, and gave me a sense of belonging. The energy within the committee was electric. Though not smooth all the time, the clubs are managed well enough.

As with most of what I do though, I got bored. The meetings, the logistics, the paperwork. Oh the paperwork!! I have taken on more than I can chew. Productivity on my part came to a halt. It was not doing both clubs any good for me to stay on.

And so I stepped down. It is a win-win. I can continue to like what the clubs are doing for members, and still maintain a casual, civil relationship with the exco.

I shall stick to organizing random ctivities on the fly with the motley crew I hang with. More fun in that.

And look, no paperwork!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

$trong currency

After the last outing to Drama Centre, I was really hoping that the night out to Esplanade turns out much better.

And it did indeed.

I remember I was in a cab when some Mandarin radio station deejay was interviewing one of the cast members, Emma Yong, who did her Chinese best in that interview, haltingly. My ears perked up when I heard that Singapore's queen of drag, Kumar and my boyhood Asia Bagus host, Najip Ali, are part of the ensemble in this production!

Helmed by Selena Tan of Dim Sum Dollies fame, $ingDollar promised much right from the 1st night it opened. One only has to have a feel of the programme for this musical to see that it is bank-rolled a well sponsored one, even if it doesn't make much ticket sales, which I highly doubt.

$ingDollar does well to engage the audience; with a familar setting (Geylang) , the standard stereotypes (most Bhangladeshis are muslims and CAN eat beef, as explained by Kumar's character as, what else, the foreign labourer) , and scores of ditties that poke fun at anything and everything local-centric. All this was played out with an actual live band behind, and the sets look great.

I especially enjoyed the Micheal Jackson 'tribute' which they worked in, with men who were until recently held in high regard but landed in deep shite taking their turns doing their MJ thang. Heck they even managed to work a disgraced monk into the number!


The trio of Selena, Emma and Pam are good, dimsumdollying their way around. Kumar was the funny one, ad-libbing his way through at some parts. Najip Ali is the better dancer, Hossan Leong the better singer. Lim Kay Siu is the veteren, whilst Sebastian Tan... well let's just say I am not streching my neck out for his Broadway Beng production coming soon.

The musical is the a great sum of all the above talents, and worth wearing something smarter than bermudas and flip flops for.

4/5 stars!

P.S. What's with the local audience being so stingy with a standing ovation, har?!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shooting Blanks

It has been a while since I watched any theatre/play/musical. So I was hyped up about watching "Own Time Own Target", a play centering around National Service.

I didn't understand though, how it had to be 2 hours or more for something that has National Service as a backdrop. It's been done before and seriously, there are only those few jokes you can tell about NS before it gets old.

The play made up of 2 halves, each with its own storyline (hence, Own Time Own Target?).

Part 1 was ok, with the actors taking a stab at a recent security lapse that happened locally. It did illicit some snide guffaws from me, but that was it.

Part 2 began promisingly, with the familiar backdrop of the 1st fourteen days in BMT. I could identify with the charactors portrayed, especially the Seargent (NOT the one whose only line was "CHEEEEEEBYE") who reminded me of my own whilst on Tekong.

Smiling Tiger we used to call him...

Part 2 was excruciatingly long, and too pink even for a neutral like me. By the umpteenth ditty the performers put on I was looking at my watch, wondering when all the farce was gonna end.

And how I bolted outta that exit door.

P.S. The night did end nicely, with us cheonging all the way down to Wala Wala for the last set. Now THAT is a show!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Better late than never...

Main and sides, originally uploaded by ahtiong73_.

It been a while since I met the motley crew for a nice meal.

It was through a casual conversation on plurk, coupled with the fact that I could not get a decent meal without burning a hole in my pocket whilst in Zurich, that I suddenly had a craving for curry fish head.

More plurking here and there, and after some googling, we settled for Ocean Curry Fish Head at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. I actually saved my tummy the whole day for this!

The thing to note about the group, some of us are fashionably late.

6pm became 7pm, meaning we settled down by 8pm. Those that got there early had ordered ahead-thankew JF and Aloe, so by the time we plonked ourselves down the table started filling up with plate after plate of delectable dishes.

Won't go into a detailed review but suffice to say all were well satisfied. The mouth didn't stop moving; we were either wolfing down the food or engaging in light-hearted banter. Not bad for $10/head.

We walked off the heavy another food area. Durians were bought this time to go with more refreshments. An eager drink stall lady had to come back to us twice for orders. Some of us had the bright idea to wash the durians down with beer. Mistake.

The gang dispersed slowly from 10pm onwards. All that food made me dizzy, and I dozed off on bed promptly.

Sunday rounded off nicely.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gooners Gone Bald

5th July 2009 will have a significant place in my heart.

This was the day that 10 Arsenal fans went to Novena, Velocity to have their heads shaved in support of Childrens Cancer Foundation, on their annual Hair for Hope event.

If you would like to support this worthy cause too, consider pledging your donations to any of these guys below. Words of encouragement are welcome too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moblog: Dim Sum Jolly

Betcha this is gonna cost waaay more in Singapore...

33 portions, grand total of S$90 for 6 persons nia!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moblog: Back on track

First 5km in years. Now excuse me while I drop dead...

45 days, due West

It's been running in my head, bad pun I know, for a while now.

Many want it, some have embarked on it, others are just sitting it on their asses (that would be yours truly).

Well, not anymore.

On 2nd of August, we will be heading to West Coast Park for a 5km fun run/walk/blading/cyckling(kids only this one)/dog walking/drinking outing.

45days to D-Day.

Now, where are my dang Mizunoes...?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009




Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simply Hair Raising

Arsenal's season might be over, but here at Arsenal Singapore we still plan for activities for our fanclub. There will definately be a kickabout to keep them feet busy amongst members. Since I am not so good on my feet, I am concentrating on contributing to the community...

The first time I came to know about Hair for Hope was when friends of mine signed up as a volunteer shavee, and since I can't shave mine due to my line of work, I pledged against their names. I got in touch with the foundation recently, on behalf of Arsenal Singapore, and now am proud to say that we are working with Children's Cancer Foundation on their Hair for Hope 2009 project.

Creating awareness amongst a football fanclub is not easy, with many just content with watching the football being played on the big screen. With email blasts to members, and a stack of flyers, bit by bit I am hoping to reach out to more. Members are being roped in to volunteers to shave their hair in support of children who lose theirs while receiving treatment. 

The event will be held at Novena Square on 05July, and Arsenal Singapore will be making their presence felt.If you wish to make a contribution, please go to here to pledge any amount through our members, it's all going to a good cause.

See? Some good DOES come outta watching 22 men run around chasing a ball on a field!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fourteen days later

Recap of the past 2 weeks...


After Shirlyn jet off to LA to pursue her passion in yoga, my Mummy dearest celebrated her 70th birthday with a dinner that had a huge turnout. She has worked hard all her life, and deserved the bash 101%!


Plenty of it. Movies, Wii gathering, a great dinner party with good friends, capped off with a vacation in Boracay. Woots!


They are not a convincing force this season, though they do have their moments. That we were not in contention for the top spot was glaringly apparent. To not grab the FA cup was a disappointment. To reach the semi-finals, only to concuss over 2 legs, was both a high, and a frustrating low. As a fan, I can only keep the faith and see a newer, tougher team emerge next season.


I don't start till the 17th. Jealous right?!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking into the Pit!

This is as big as it gets. And a few of us are throwing ourselves right in the line of fire, by visiting the Devil's Cafe at Boat Quay, home of some team thats playing us...

Oh yeah..THOSE buggers!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Raising Shirlyn

A little bird told me about this while I was at Timbre last night, so excuse me for rushing this out.

"Another reason to get Farce FaceBook la, deh.." my friend says.


So we all know that my sis, Shirlyn, is embarking on her journey to be a fully qualified yoga teacher. I don't need to say again how her gigs at Timbre and Wala has sustained many of us for the countless weekends beginning on Thursdays.

Yes. Her fees have been paid. Yes. Airfare has been taken care of. There's the little detail of expenses though.. And this is where I suspect many of her friends have came in to assist.

"The "Yogini Bear" Fund

Fundraising for Shirlyn's Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Springs

Host: Shirlyn Tan

Type: Causes - Fundraiser

Network: Global

Date: Monday, April 20, 2009

Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Location: Blu Jaz Cafe

Street: Bali Lane ( near Arab Street)

City/Town: Singapore, Singapore



Come share Shirlyn's dream of becoming a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher!

She has taken the first big step to being accepted for the Spring 09 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training from 26th April to 28th June in Desert Springs.

Now she needs all the help she can get to raise funds for her fees and expenses. We hope to raise a humble $5,000 tonight to help her along with her food and expense.

Door Charge: a minimum of $15. There's no stopping you should you feel the urge to help a little bit more.

Two sets of acoustic music performances by Shirlyn & The UnXpected

One sizzling performance by Belly Dancer Belinda of Sahara Sundance.

Auction items:

One Belly Dancing Lesson with Belinda

A date with Carrie Lim (Shirlyn's lovely, single flatmate!)

5 weekly passes for Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga City Hall"

If you've sang along to "I Will Survive", "Geeeeylang", "Master of Puppets", "Window" with'll be there on Monday.

If you've celebrated your birthday with her, your engagement with her, your break-ups with'll be there on Monday.

If you ever came across her on FaceBook, at the smoking corner, in the'll be there on Monday.

You've always enjoyed what Shirlyn has brought to you. If her songs have made you laugh, made you cry, made you'll make it on Monday.

Be there.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

The early bird...

So some of you might already know.

My sister Shirlyn, who leads The UnXpected, will be going away for 9 weeks from the end of April.

Time to get in line early at Wala Wala (still the best place to hear her) on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Shirlyn is off to LA...Soon

If you would like to show her some support while she's still rocking it out, get one of the groupie tee that I've came up with.

The message is simple, but it'll put a smile on her face. That, plus singing and dancing to her kick-ass gigs!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicken. Run.

Proof that the Barflies do not always togo when they meet up...

P.S. Okay so some of us DID end up at Timbre afterwards. So sue me woncha?!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Block 93, Upper Tier

Another trip to The Emirates.

One of the perks of the job is that I get to watch The Arsenal 'Live' in action at their home ground.

Luck would have it that the match was going on general sale while I am in London. After a few keystrokes I had booked myself a seat at The Emirates Stadium for the showdown between Arsenal and Burnley.

The Sunday started out well enough. I took a
 short tube ride to Holloway Road station on a crisp morning. The Arsenal scarf wrapped snugly around my neck, I was ready for an afternoon of FA Cup action.

The stadium was but a short walk away and I quicken my pace, eager to get hold of the ticket to the match. Alas, I was early there. So across the Armoury I went for a quick breakfast of beef fried rice and milk tea. For 4 quid it is good value.

The atmosphere at the stadium was festive, the small group of away fans of Burnley FC made their presence felt. It's nice to see the fans turn up to support their local team, no matter their rankings in the league. 

After receiving my booked ticket from the reservation booth, it was a bit of window shopping at the Armoury. The new spring/summer collection of Arsenal merchandise just came out and people were in long lines snapping them up. I had to bite my tongue, held on to my credit cards and came out of the store unscathed.

Anyways the journey was the watch The Arsenal in action. Climbing the few steps up to my seat, I was looking forward to seeing The Red Army in action.

The view was magnificant, it was like watching the match on a gazillion-inch TV. Lest I do a bad job at commentating about the match, here's a link to it.

All in all, I am impressed with Bacary Sanga's workrate, Kieren Gibbs' defending, and even Emannuel Eboue, who seem like a new player! The goals scored were so...Arsenal. Alexander Song, though not a Fabregas did put in both assist that led to Edu and Eboue's goals. I caught flashes of our new Russian Andrey Arshavin's brilliance too. 

The temperature after the match dropped a few more degrees, but I was feeling all warm inside. Arsenal are slowly getting back on track, one match at a time.

Ooh to be a Gooner!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I was surprised that not many young people know that last night, 正月十五, was also a night for lovers.

At least not those at Wala Wala last night...

Someone handed in a song dedication for the band, and wished one and all a happy Chinese Valentines'. The whole band, all Chinese by the way, looked puzzled and began to ask each other about it.

I nodded and told my group that yes, it's true. Again, I got blank stares from the early 20-ers...

"It used to be that the single ladies do not get to go out too often. 正月十五,元宵节, was one of the few dates that they could all gather and watch lanterns being lit, one of the traditions from way back then. It was during this time that many pair up with eligible men for the night. Hence, the date became known as the Chinese Valentine's Day."


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Picking up the pieces, again...

So I had a taste of 卫生麻将-MahJong after a long time when, after the reunion dinner, I asked if my teenage niece plays. Soon we were sitting down playing a healthy, short session.

When I got home I had this itch that just wouldn't go away. Started plurking about it. If not for the last minute logistics plus the midnight charge, we would've had a game right at my place the same night/morning. We settled for one round of WahJong on Viwawa instead...

A game was finally organised last night, I was impressed at how we made the decision at such short notice. I had to lug a Mahjong table from my brother's place, along with the set. Then the splitting of the chips (I would've preferrred to play with actual cash la). After which it was a matter of waiting for the kars to arrive...

All came with significant other in tow, but the Wii made sure they were not left gawking over our shoulders. Nick Lee came with refereshments, and Cow went to buy MacDonalds for the peckish gamblers. Thiang this time had a chance to improve on her MarioKart, sans alcohol punishment. Credit to 嘻哈赌妹 1121 for keeping the spirits up throughout the night till first light in the morning.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I haven't touched a set of tiles for so long, I was wide awake for the whole sesion. The clickity-clacking, the friendly banter, the mindphucking amongst 4 players, the cursing at an inanimate object. It all came back to me...Funny how I used to struggle through even 2 rounds, and once dozed off while picking up a tile.

It could be that I no longer am the 放炮菜头!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who needs FarceBook..

When you can find your 光华小学 classmate/1 SIR campmate in the CowBoyBar...

Still the Beng that I know, except that now ish Lao Beng

Friday, January 16, 2009



往年,自己的屋子新年的布置摆设都是让母亲大人一手包办。 可是往往都让我看了目不暇给。。。太多,太卡通了!

牛年,也是我的年,所以去上海时买了一大堆新年的点缀品,来让我的小屋添上一点春节的色彩。其实在那买也不算便宜到那儿去,但反正人已经到了,就买了一整篮, 花了近八十新币!!


当然,把家布置起来,就为了和好朋友们聚在一起。 有了 Wii 之后, 就更容易在一起闹翻天了!!





Saturday, January 03, 2009

My name is Tiong. This is my House.

The last 2 weeks have been a blur of waving wiimotes, screaming CB Sishtas, and plenty of whiskey. The festive seasons are following closer than previous years too, therefore the non-stop celebrations.

It began innocently enough; I have a new Wii and plenty of alcohol. You bring food, come over and we play.

What surprised me was how popular my Wii parties became. The good people from The CowBoyBar are always asking about the next Wii party when they leave. Tactics of the games we play are discussed while online. Mystical creatures such as Merlions and LongKang Fairies start to appear. Couples start rabba-ing on the floor. My address have taken on different monikers.

Videos of the now-famous CB Sishtas are posted

I as a host didn't have to do much, other than the shifting of some furniture. The party practically runs by itself, as long as the alcohol is flowing. Wii and alcohol is a very potent mix, trust me. 

Luckily my neighbour either sleep very soundly, or are very patient with the racket that we create at night. 

Just in case anyways, will be preparing a CNY hamper for them.

Welcome to Lorong Ah Soo aka House of Tiong aka St Jeff's PowerStation WiiSky Bar.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Numero Uno

Mandatory 1st post of the New Year.

Can't think now.

Too much Wii & alcohol last night.