Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moblog: A taste of what's to come...

At Liz Pub for the Emirates Cup tie between Arsenal and PSG. We won 2-1!

Next up is Inter Milan...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

No more lonely night (really?!)

I've been spending my nights at bars/pubs/clubs around town these past few nights.

The drinks still taste the same; I've switched back to vodka to cut down on my beer intake. The air quality is better with the smoking ban. The eye candy still never ceases to amaze me everywhere I turn.

Alas, my time has past, and I am just a spectator now. The playing field is stacked against me.

So it's just me and my trusty bottle of vodka...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moblog: Double Happiness!!

Shirlyn Tan. Winner of Best Breakout Band & Best Local Song. Yipee!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Geh Kiang...(Act Smart)

Why does everyone think they know the proper answers to give during an interview in order to score the bloody promotion?

Lang kiang do ho, mai geh kiang...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another one wipes the dust

My star sign says that I'm a Virgo. If you look up any astrology pages in the papers or magazines, it usually implies that Virgos are perfectionists; well organized; neat; tidy; orderly; methodical...

Well, I must've fallen off that wagon because I'm anything but any of the above.

My flat is a mess, most times. The closet is almost always bursting over from not folding my clothes away nicely. Don't get me started on the layer of dust that coats almost every surface in the flat. I always use my aversion to the dust that gets my sinus acting up as an excuse not to clean, to the chagrin of Mummy Dearest.

Well, Ludy the Housekeeper came knocking at my door one Tuesday morning, and pulled me out from all the clutter. She got to work almost immediately, never stopping even for the iced Milo I made, and gave the flat a once over. I was so motivated by her productivity that I picked up a duster and got working on my room. I stopped the moment I felt my nose tingle(see?!), and left the good woman to finish up what I started.

At the end of 4 hours, I actually thought I could eat off the floor. Never got round to testing out that theory, but the layer of dust was gone. Even my liquor corner, with all them bottles, were wiped down!

I thanked Ludy for a job well done, and gave her a small tip. The earliest she'll be available again would be in August. August couldn't come fast enough.

I'll try my darndest to keep the place in order till then. Failing which ( highly probable) , I am confident that Ludy will be there to clean up after me, literally.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Zouk night out

I wouldn't call myself a Zouker, but I did like going there, when I was more uh...energetic.

Started on Mambo Jumbo nights, then moved on to Velvet for the Crew Nights. With the mushrooming of the new clubs all over the island, the club still holds fort with the regulars.

Anyhoo, I will be there to support Shirlyn on the 25thJuly at Zouk.

She's been nominated in 2 categories this year, and I'm there to show support. And maybe chat some sweet young thing up.

So if you wanna join me that night, you know how to reach me ya??

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Made in China?!

Remind me not to eat any buns next time I'm in Beijing...or anywhere in China for that matter!

Beijing delicacy? Cardboard buns

Baby steps

So a little less than a month had passed since I put my fingers at rest and sought to make sense of all them random thoughts in my head. Words don't come easy as I pondered on how to start my blog up again.

My private life is such, private. Therefore don't hold your breathe, expecting me to open up my very own Pandora's box. It will be locked safely in my head, and a few privileged few are allowed a peep time to time.

I have gone no frills as you can see, intending to focus on content rather than ever evolving widgets to capture eyeballs.

Change, that is the only constant in our lives.

Inevitable, uncomfortable at times, not always welcomed.

However, change one must, for only with that can one break out of their own bubble and jar their senses.

Welcome back to my piece of heaven, with a day trip to hell.