Sunday, June 29, 2008


Halfway through 2008.

Good time for a review of half the year gone so far, one would think.

Started the year telling myself to be, well, myself. It's not easy though, not letting what others think/say/feel bother me. Many times I feel I have to be apologizing for things that are beyond my control, knowing that any reasons I come up with would just sound like lame excuses.

Like tiny darts aimed at my back, it is starting to hurt a little. I feel I have to be proving myself to others, just to get this itch off my back. Then again if I did that, it'll just land me back at square one, wouldn't it?

So can I bear the pain and forge on ahead?

Check back on me later this year then.

Till then, it's "ME" time!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Money for Nothing...

If there's a number everyone is watching these days, it's the price of oil. Already, Saudi Arabia is planning to increase output to cope with demand. Still, the experts say that may not be enough unless the US Dollar bounces back up.

And even then, the huge demand for resources from countries such as China and India will keep prices high in the foreseeable future.

We are getting consumed by consumption.

I remember seeing the crisis in Ethiopia on BBC recently, whilst having my lunch. I lost my appetite after seeing the stick thin children being turned away by the volunteer medical personnel, because they were not "skinny" enough.

Food prices have shot up that even the humanitarian agencies are not able to afford to feed everyone there, only able to save those that are critical and could die of they do not get some food into them there and then.

Here, we are bombarded by page after page of ads that asks us to spend, spend, spend. It's most probably to keep the consumer spending their dough, so that the economy can keep going.

The smart people are scrimping and saving whenever, wherever they can; driving less, cooking at home more, watching the Euro '08 through "non-traditional" sources...

Some are taken in by the "cheap/clearance sales" that's taking up most of the mass media ad spaces. Spend, and you save now!

How soon before they raise fuel, food, services, etc prices up again, to catch up with your "savings" during the "sales"?

We live in a city where we are accustomed to comfort. How many of us will change our habits for the new, less optimistic economic environment?

Better question, how soon will it impact the people in their high towers before they make a policy that will benefit the people that "voted" them in?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday, June 09, 2008


The words flowed out of my motor mouth, without going through the head first.

Doesn't look good.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Useful words...for when things go wrong

As a Verb;
Once again, Delta platoon has been Wong-kan-ed. Everyone kena extra duty... except Platoon IC Seng.

As an Adverb ;
"Wa, he Wong-Kan-ed his platoon man!"

As a Noun;
"Please hor Ah Seng, when enter army, don't be a Wong-kan kia. Sure kena blanket party one."

As an Adjective;
He has a very Wong-kan attitude. Sure become sabo king when go army.

*Please note that AhTiong actuarry study-no-high-one, so if he's been using the wrong grammer, feel free to Wong-kan him.