Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm on my way, I'm on my way...

One of the songs we sing when we play in the Champions League this season goes like this;

We're on our way
We're on our way
We're going to Moscow

We're on our way
How we get there we don't know
How we get there we don't care
All we care is we are
On our way...

Well, I am heading to Milan soon, when we play AC Milan!!

Getting tickets to the match is probably impossible by now. With the new ticket system one's name has to appear on the ticket, so transferring it would be a hassle. Not likely anyone would sell those tickets away either!

Dealing with touts, for this match, would be like being robbed in daylight.

So I am hoping to find a friendly pub to watch the match.

It would be so sad to be watching the action on TV in the hotel, all alone.

Come on Arsenal!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Never say Never

I played a game with some friends once, it's called "I have never...". We sit in a circle with our drinks and everyone goes round saying,"I have never...blah blah blah". The rest will then take a swig at their drink if they have did what the person just said.

So it went on for a few rounds, everyone took quite a bit of drinks, having done almost anything that that someone has never. Honesty is key in this game.

My turn came and I said...

"I have never said the words I Love You to anyone."

The room went silent, and the rest took a big gulp, with me being the exception.

Love, in my vocabulary, is a very important and strong word to use. People say it's important to say it, but how many of them use it so casually that it loses its actual meaning?

Do you say you love your pet dog, the same way you would say you love your parents, and does your lover deserve more I-love-you's than your own parents?

I don't use the word liberally(if at all), preferring to express it with actions; fussing over one's ill health, waiting patiently for a call/text, introducing the other to my circle of friends, buying biscuits and instant cereal for those hunger pangs, thoughtful gifts/surprises, etc...

Sometimes it just ain't good enough...