Sunday, May 30, 2010



I allowed myself to be clouded with doubt that I missed the chance to see her.

The cloud of doubt that dawned on me since an honest and long conversation a week ago.

Doubt that I may not get approval. Doubt that I will not measure up. Doubt that I can provide.

My callous attitude may yet get us into a bind not necessary to begin with.

Fingers crossed...

Monday, May 17, 2010





今晚,游览了一些朋友的小天空之后,忽然感到惭愧。我以前那分热诚去了哪儿?是我生活中少了那少许的纪律 ,还是生命中有了更重要的核心?



N.B. Translated in comments

Friday, May 14, 2010

Service, but at what charge?

How far would you take your complaint when dealt a bad hand at a restaurant that has grown from mom&pop stall to a tourist attraction that charges a premium for their menu.

Good friend of mine took it all the way to print and online media, even posting onto Boo&Bouquet which has made itself into the news recently.

"Ms Lee Ying Wen would think twice about eating out at No Signboard Restaurant in Vivocity again after her experience with her "missing credit card" last Saturday. Here's her story: link.."

Somehow the above website has been closely watched by some retailers/restaurateurs and they responded quite promptly.

"Ms Lee Ying Wen, who wrote to me yesterday about her "missing credit card" experience at No Signboard Restaurant in Vivocity on Saturday, received a reply from the management today -- a day after her story appeared in this blog. link..."

I feel though, that the response was kinda knee jerk and in some way, condescending. Last I know, my friend is still trying to give away the vouchers they sent her.

" So someone sent a big complaint letter. Let's gloss over everything with some cash vouchers. Singaporeans can't resist a freebie. It'll be so un-Singaporean to do it."

Don't take it lying down, nor let sleeping dogs lie.

You are the consumer, let them hear ya roaaaaar!!