Monday, May 30, 2005

Crash. Boom. Bang

The weekend is a blur to me. Things only got going when I ambled my way down to listen in on The UnXpected at Wala Wala. Dinner downstairs was good; they serve this fanatastic portion of a spaghetti vongole. Went up before their set began, and chit chat with Bran the Man. Really this guy is quite the piece of work. Even his bad mandarin brought on the giggles from the ladies. I think he has a hit rate of say…8 outta 10?

1st set starts, and the beers start to flow. I really enjoy hearing them sing, esp when I bring my friends down too. By the 3rd jug of beer I was heckling this kid on stage who’s celebrating his birthday there. The ladies wanna move on to Devil’s Bar, so I made quick friends with the guys at the next table and gave my last jug of beer to them. Very generous I think I am sometimes…

Now Devil’s Bar is not a place I would go if I was sober, then again I wasn’t. It’s kitschy, to say the least, and the resident band sucks. I just had to keep reminding myself to keep away from the bar as quite a few girls (themselves quite a whole lotta woman) kept trying their darn best to get onto it and do their thing. More beers, I’m on a roll. Think we left at around 5 and by the time I got home day was breaking.

Then it hit me, I’m no longer the party animal I used to be

Saturday, May 28, 2005

This is what keeps you going on flights... Posted by Hello

The Things people Do

As some of you might have gathered, I've been blogging with gusto for the past 2 months. Everyday I wake up I try to think of an entry that I'll make at the end of the day in my Rants. I try to rememeber minute details, and see if I can expand on that. Sometime I just draw a blank the moment I sit in front of the screen, other times I just go on and on.

I read others' blogs, of course. I sometimes am stumped at how, with all the rat race that's going on around us, people still find time to write such beautiful musings. Of course there are those that depend very much on eye candy to get hits on their turf, but hey if you've got it, flaunt it right?

Then there are those mini video productions that you link to sometimes. I watch ESPN and they feature X-games and other sports that you'd think would never see the light of day here on this tiny island. How wrong I am. The 2 examples below will make you sit up and think twice...

SG Drifters
SG Drifters

David Lang Productions
Bike Stunts

I dunnno whether I need permission to showcase these talents but if I do please lemme know k?

Mee Suah T'ng add fishballs please...

Just back from my supper. It just occurred to me how long it’s been since I did have supper. I was hoping more would join me but in the end only the nice couple with their Princess could make it. I decided to have this popular Bar Chor Mee near Kovan MRT, next to the Punggol Nasi Lemak, which I think is overpriced and everyone’s eating it outta herd instinct. To add to the excitement while wolfing down your calorie/fat/protein-laden supper, the traffic police were out in force fining cars left, right, and center. The kopi-kia, ever helpful, was shouting out license plates to warn the crowd. Reason #1002 why I wouldn’t drive in the Lion City.

I was privy to a somewhat heated discussion between the hubby and wifey. She says he should stop cut down on hanging out with this bunch that seem hell bent on asking him out to cheong tonight. He thinks he’s just, well, hanging out with the guys. I was trying to down my Mee Suah when Wifey looks to me and says,” You, talk some sense into him la!”

Mee Suah T'ng
Warauuu…I just wanted some company for supper, now have to be like Dr. Phil? I won’t go into details, but I hope all went home happy. Reason #104 not to get married.

My Sis sms’d me while I was in Mumbai asking if she can pay for the digital camera that I’ve been eyeing. That’s very sweet of her…

Friday, May 27, 2005

Waiting on supper... ...

That's it, Liverpool has won the Champions League. I managed to watch the full 90 minutes before rushing down to catch my transport to work. By the time I got to the airport they were kicking penalties. A colleague told me that they had won on penalties by 3-2. No doubt Liverpool fans in Singapore will be jumping up and down for a few days, and you'll see more of their jerseys being worn around town too.

I just came back from my Mumbai(Bombay) flight. Touchwood, I always seem to be rostered for SQ422. The load's light, passengers are not too anal, and we check into a wonderful hotel with a nice pool and gym. I went to bed soon after check in and woke up to go to the gym, as I again am not able to attend my training at Kallang. Threadmills were all taken so went onto the stationary bike for 20min. It's not fun I tell you, your ass hurts like hell after that. How'd they do it in those so called Spin Classes at the gym?!!

Went on to do exercise on the weight machines. It's diff when there's not much people there to use them and you are not intimidated by those steroid-laden-eat-weights-for-breakfast enthusiasts around you. Managed to do 2 circuits before I went off to change for dinner. My ex team gal was on the same flight, and along with the other gals we had a great time at dinner. Made a mental note to ask one of the gals out for dinner and drinks on Sat.

By the time I got back into the room it was almost 11, and they showed the replay of the Champions League match. I was determined to stay up to watch how the extra-time played out but knocked out instead. Luckily they showed it AGAIN this morning, so I watched in agony as Shevchenko of AC Milan had his header and rebound saved by the 'Pool 'keeper. Penalties are the worse way to decide a match. In the end, the Liverpool 'keeper redeemed his lousy performance the whole English season by keeping out Shechenko's(AGAIN) penalty. Think they gave him the man of the match award.

Still waiting for my friend to call me back to see whether they wanna have supper. Sigh, when most of your friends are married, weekends seem so long.

N.B. Got the gal's number before I got home :P

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Much Ado about Nothing

I am stumped. I have had nothing to do for the past few days. I wake up mid-day, go grab lunch, sit back with The New Paper (only for the soccer news, mind you) and then just…. idle. Most times I come home and just surf, then inevitably click on I read other people’s blogs and they seem so interesting, so clever, so full of powderful engreesh. Still, that’s not the reason I started writing here.

Missed my dragon boat training twice this week now. I know that we are supposed to be training on our own, but hey if I could do that I wouldn’t be sitting on my skinny butt right now. I’m supposed to come up with a design for our team. I have the idea in my head, just have to put it into drawing, and I don’t draw too well. Still, have to try.

Now, I’ve been planning on how to spend my bonus that’s coming soon. I did say that I want to get the Canon A520, plus give my PC a makeover. Now I’m drooling over Sony Ericsson’s new phone the K750i. My Sis should be expecting her K700i soon…

The Champions League final is tonight, well tomorrow morning 230am. It seems most are going for a Liverpool win. I won’t try to make any intelligent predictions, just wanna watch some decent soccer being played. I’m suffering some withdrawal syndromes from my lack of soccer on cable. After tomorrow morning there’s only the World Cup 2006 to look forward to, which is freaking more than a year away!! Arrgh…

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just another Manic Monday

Some lucky follks had the Monday off due to the long weekend. I suspect most just did more of the same; slept more, ate more, shopped more, slept some more. That's the thing about living in a city, there's just so little things to do and/or places to go to. Wait a minute, we do have nature parks, trails amongst tree tops, and there's the beach. Well how'd you like to be out and up close to nature when it's threatening to singe your skin the moment you show some? We are quite the pampered lot here on the Red Dot... ...

Yours truly had to go to work in the afternoon, when the sun's ray is out in full force.

I do not mind the sun, really. In fact if there ever was a poster for mindless exposure to sun you'd see my face there. Heck I AM the face for it, freckles and all. However, things are different when you trying to look cool and steady underneath a crisp white shirt and a pressed jacket. I took 3 showers before I changed into uniform, and STILL I was perspiring (only animals sweat, is what I've been told) by the time I hailed a cab across my block to the airport! The company is looking into changing the uniform for us guys, I say fit me into a pair of berms and I'd show you how we are a great way to fly!

I flew to Bangkok for work. Now lest you think I'm having the time of my life while there, think again. By the time we check in it's almost 9pm, when most large, air conditioned shops are already closed. Jumped into my pair of jeans, put on my Drunkmunkey T-Shirt and I was in the stuffy, sweltering evening air making my way to Patpong to meet my friend for late dinner.

I tell you I seriously doubt Patpong holds any more attractions for the me. The copy T-shirts are of bad quality, the copy CDs stop playing after a while, and why try selling me porno DVD when I download them off from the internet for free? I could go into any girlie bars for a drink but I didn't have enough time, almost 11 by the time I was done with late dinner. Plus the air was really, really stuffy. I retreated into my well cooled hotel room, had a cold shower and watched Monday night comedies on cable. Spoilt brat.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

We are the Winners!

Ahh yes, the coming together of two wonderful friends. I was my usual relaxed, casual self and running around giving out chocolates and snapping photos, with vodka in hand. It was a nice little ceremony and I think many appreciated the outdoor atmosphere instead of the tiny room at the ROM. Of course, I'll have to brush up my mandarin and dialects by the year end as I have to MC the dinner, by then I'd have got back in shape to get back into my suit.

It's really quite laughable when tourists or farangs tell us that the service standard is high in the li'l red dot. I was so put off by the door bitch at Modestoes that I had to give her a piece of my mind when she gave my friend a table when previously she said that she couldn't accomodate us! Eh, don't think just cuz I wearing berms and soccer jersey I dunch know what quality service is k?! I didn't wanna make a scene out of it as it was a special dinner, so I left it at that. Sigh, why do we always leave it at that? I mean, anywhere else in the world I could've got a free bottle of wine or stuff. Dang!!

Well it seems the one who plays quality soccer won the FA Cup. Not a game that'll get your adrenaline going, I must admit, but hey a win is a win is a win.Arsenal should do better next season, I can't wait. Meanwhile, I'd wear their jersey whenever I get a chance to. Man U, with their disco-pub, merchandise stores can go fly layang man!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mr Jack@Star Wars Posted by Hello

The Saga Ends

Woke up at 8 this morning so that I can make my way to
Plaza Sing to catch Star Wars III again. It's a 10am
show. Not easy considering I came back home hammered
last night. Went for my kway chup breakfast and off I
went to take a train down to Dohby Ghaut. Start to
question why on earth I bought a morning show when I'd
be boozing the night before... ...

The movie was very good, you're thrown right into
action from the word go. How Lucas came up with this
film 30 yrs back just astounds me. Apparently it
sprouted from what he saw happened during the Vietnam
war. Now parts 1,2 and 3, some say, takes a jibe at a
certain American president and his policies. A
creative mind is a dangerous thing...

I like this line from the scene where the Sith lord
declares his empire and the senate breaks into
applause. Pademay says,"So this is how freedom is
lost, in rousing applause..." Cheeem man.

Get this man a Hoegarrden!

Went for training yesterday, it was pouring by the time we got into the boats. I could sense that some were not exactly doing their best cuz the boat was not moving fast enough and it got frustrating after rowing for a while. I mean, why get into the boat when you know you’re not gonna put in any effort at all? It’s called dragon boat RACING, not ROWING.

Got some friends down to Wala Wala for drinks and also to celebrate Mike & Anni tying the knot. Thinking it’ll be crowded like a Saturday, hauled my ass up there at around 8. The place was almost deserted, goody. Parked myself at Brandon and his twin brother’s table and ordered a Kilkenny. The twin is doing some corporate video thingy, and animation too I think, very interesting to hear him talk about his job. I then offered him some perspectives about mine and we had a few laughs. My friends came one by one, and Brandon was hitting on one of the girls. Man, he is smooooth. The force is strong in this one.

My Sis arrives just in time for the 1st set. She’s not feeling well so couldn’t do any rock numbers, so I couldn’t get my headbanging started up. Still, very decent considering she almost croaks instead of talk. I like her attitude on stage; when she’s nice she’s very nice, but when she’s bad, she’s a bitch! Ha ha. Got Mike and Anni on stage and he sang a song for her, well the chorus at least. Then they were made to dance too. They probably didn’t have enough alcohol in them yet, cuz Mike was just like, standing there! Hmm, making mental note to booze them up tomorrow. Wanted to play with the lightsaber that my Sis was waving on stage but I guess it was too precious so couldn’t get me hands on it.

Clarrdy decides to go to Madam Wong after Wala Wala. I had to stop outside to puke my guts out first. Guess cutting down drinking has its flip side; I used to do so well throughout a night of drinking. Got touchy feely with a gal friend we met inside, but still came home alone. Crashed onto the bed. Set alarm to wake up to watch the morning show today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The lost weekends

Great. Now that there’'s no more soccer to watch on weekends what do I do? I mean how do I fill my time between 7pm-2am now that I can’'t watch the drama that unfolds on the soccer pitch? Where do I find inspirations of battles between David and Goliath? The bad acting that comes along. For a good 6 months this was my staple, I'’ve almost given up on free-to-air channels, preferring to set Channel 23/24 as my favorites.

Well, let'’s consider the alternatives. I could watch more movies. I could put in more time for exercise. I'’d get to see my friends more on weekends. Maybe I'’d put in some time to upgrade my PC. Housework in the evenings, hmm sounds like an idea. Let'’s not forget to thank Sony for coming up with the PSP.

The company has announced its profits for the financial year. As part of profit sharing we be getting few months of bonus. I’'m already planning on how to spend some. Upgrading for the PC. Laying my hands on a digital camera. Stashing some away. That'’s the nice thing about being single sometimes, diapers, schoolbooks; milk powder is never on your shopping list.

I'’m feeling guilty about not turning up for training yesterday. I did come back from a long flight in the morning, but that really isn'’t a good excuse. Have to remind myself that this is just a small blip, and that I should not dwell on it but look forward to the next training that I can attend. I don'’t hear many people voicing their guilt when they can'’t commit to something as innocent as exercise. Perhaps I really have too much time on my hands??…

Date is set. I'’m watching Star Wars III tomorrow at 4pm, then again on Friday morning. Heck if what they say about digital theatre is so good, I might even catch it a 3rd time!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm so proud of my Sis...

Usually I like to tell people that I have a younger sister who sings very well for a living. And usually they always ask," How about yourself? ". Just they wait, one of these days I'll be doing my do and see them jaws all drop!

Back to my Sis. She's talented, from a young age. She's either drawing, or writing, or acting, or singing. I remember her teacher called from school to tell me that although she sucks in her other subject, my Sis has undiscovered talent. Well 10yrs on, there she is on stage. I wonder if she ever asks her former teachers to go listen to her?

Anyways, it seems alotta my colleagues have heard her before. Sadly, in a way, it's at this yuppie joint just outside of town. She hates it there, but hey it pays her bills. She's really in her element when she's performing at the other pub in a quaint, bohemian-ish part of the island. I mean, she ROCKS!! She was even interviewed by a school paper some time back!

In case some of you don't know, I've included a link to her band The UnXpected in here. Take a tour, and most importantly, spread the word. I bullshit you not, they are GOOD.

Well done, Sis!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Time was when...

We all like to talk about the good 'ol days, everyone does. I like to joke that it's like wondering about the time when the police used to wear shorts to work.

It was a time when behaving badly was skipping school, not handing in homework, not going home on a school night.

It was a time when you thought the one you slept with will be yours forever.

Back then, people bought each other drinks on a night out, and not be calculative when it came to the bill.

When a drink session didn't involve anything more than lots of beer and people getting down dirty, then not talk about it at all the next day.

Your junior colleagues didn't question you back when you try to inculcate some work ethics into them.

You could just ask your friends out without worrying whether you are intruding on their family time.

You don't worry about going to the clubs alone, cuz your friends are already there.

Sigh, last time, last time policemen wear shorts ah...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Things we say...

For a small island like ours, we seem hell bent on naming everything such that they sound more important than they look.

"For this Speak Good English campaign, we'll get a guy to promote it and call him an ICON."

"Let's get people interested in sports, maybe hold an IDOL contest to get them involved."

"Hey if we can win a regional Soccer tournament, who's to say we can't go to the WORLD CUP?!"


Oh and it's confirmed, I suffer from temporary amnesia after I've had a few. I say things that I shouldn't have, spill out innocents secrets, and curse and swear at strangers. Now how the hell did I spend all my money on that Sat night??

Monday, May 09, 2005

Playing Uncle Agony

Seems like there's always someone somewhere who's stuck in a sucky relationship. They tell me about it sometimes. Now, I dunno whether if it's a listening ear that they want or advice, but I give them my 2 cents anyways.

I myself have not been in relationship for longer than 3 months I think. Still I go about dishing it out like I'm some marraige counsellar or what-not. Who the hell do I think I am?!

Recalled that I was chatting SYTs up at Wala Wala. They're barely 21! Everybody say, "Cradle snatcher!"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mr Jack in beer heaven Posted by Hello

Mr Jack with his winnings from Slot machine Posted by Hello

Introducing...Mr. Jack Posted by Hello


Went to my Sis' band The UnXpected anniversary gig last night. Good shit! Had a few drinks and laughs with my friends. Met some SYT too.I could get used to GnR, ACDC and some of the metal rock that they play. As usual it was nice to be able to go pubbing with my flip flops.

Friend brought me to Sentosa after that. Space Ibiza was spinning there. More alcohol. There's like a small pool were people were getting into. My friend changed into her bikini and in we went! People were getting it on inside the pool. Hope I didn't swallow any semen?!!

Came back, crashed out. I'm reminded of how this was the way I spent all my weekends few years back, thank heavens I grew up!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Eyes wide shut

Many people equate my job with seeing the world.

I wonder, do I really?

Have I seen the whole of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Have I meandered through enough of Japan's quirky streets? Have I actually experienced first hand a Turkish bathhouse? Have I watched a live soccer match at one of London's football clubs?

Sadly as people get on with age they are more afraid to try out new things, new experiences, preferring to fall back into their own comfort zone. Eat at the same 'ol crew joint, shop at the same 'ol 100yen shop, heck even do the job the same 'ol way!

Nothing wrong with being consistant. Just that one day you wake up old and wrinkled and you say to yourself," Dang I wish I did THAT back during my younger days..."

The Good news is...

Yes, Yes, YES!! Liverpool FC has beaten Chelsea to reach the Champions League Final! Don't be mistaken folks, I am an Arsenal
I just don't think what they have in London is the Chelski Revolution, rather I think it's a Chelski Abomination!
We'll see what happens next season, when Arsenal's youngsters start to bloom and Chelsea's big egos come creeping in. Manchester United, who?

Monday, May 02, 2005



Frustration is....

When your air con doesn't cool your room enough after leaving it on the whole night.

When you can't find air tickets online to send your Mum off to London for a holiday.

When your own place looks a mess ALL THE TIME!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Deja Vue

Deja Vue;
Feeling of having experienced the same situation before.

That’s how I felt when I met one of my new colleagues for the year. I even said that it was nice to see her AGAIN; even though that was the first time I met her. She reminded me of this gal that I was infatuated with many years back. She not only looks like her, the character and mannerism are almost the same too! I’m gonna enjoy my flights with her that’s for sure…

My Mum thinks I have a gal outside somewhere. I wish! I gotta shore up serious dough to send her to London for holiday, where to find spare cash to date gals huh? Now I have to join her birthday celebration at some karaoke with all them old aunties…the price of filial piety.