Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello... I'm with Stupid

I came across 2 letters in TNP today-dated 25th Sept, page 17.

One was a suggestion that they move that "Monkey God" tree in Jurong West to a temple opposite where the mythical tree is situated. That involves some taxpayers' money, but the writer feels that an "amicable agreement" can be reached for the good of her fellow Singaporeans.

Firstly, the image on the damn tree is formed by a natural process called callusing. The devotees ie. devoted to 4D, Toto, en bloc sales etc, are foolishly choosing to believe that it's a divine apparition and trying to make a fast buck out of it.

Secondly, what makes the writer think that they'd try to save a tree with no significant value (save maybe for shade) compared to, in recent memory, the 80 yr old Angsana tree at Braddell Road, which they chopped down unceremoniously.

A case of missing the forest for the trees?

The 2nd letter made me do a double take actually. At first I thought it was another letter to highlight the robotic/inflexible service that is (still) common in modern Singapore.

After reading it again though, I started laughing. It seems that the writer has highlighted his own stupidity by wrapping it in service jargon.

Instead of admitting that he forgot to take his cashcard out of the IU unit; thus avoiding being charged for parking that had already been reimbursed to him, he went on to complain how the staff couldn't refund said charge on the spot; thus highlighting his own stupidity to other people instead.

The customer is always right- except when their brains are missing from the heads.

Sigh... lang gong bo yo yee ( there's no medication for stupidity).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I had 10 mins to live...

This is what I'd be watching

Moblog: WTF!!

Arsenal v Sevilla was coming on when this happened!

Perhaps I was too trigger happy when I went on to cancel my sports channel subscription...

Monday, September 17, 2007

You're being directed to the voicemail...

I've lost my voice for the past 2 days. Good thing I have this bottle in my fridge. Tastes nice, especially after being chilled in the fridge.


My voice is coming back, slowly but surely.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spuds 1 Arsenal 3

We have an active forum in Arsenal Singapore. Many Gooners head there for the latest in all things Arsenal, and then some.

Recently though, a troll has made its appearance and the so called "flame wars" began. It is not something I am proud to see in a forum that I often visit and contribute to. It is all right if one who puts up posts are fans from another football club, but if you can't be constructive, at least be friendly.

Anyways, boohoo to the Spuds fans who thought this was a clash of the titans, or David versus Goliath. It was more like taking candy from a child.

Martin Jol may just be updating his resume now... Darren Bent? That dude should spend some of the ridiculous transfer fee they spent on him on a big pair of glasses; it was an OPEN goal dude!!

No matter, the Gunners put their poor cousins in their rightful place, and are top of the league at the moment with 1 match in hand.

Just wished the Gooners who watched this were at The Liz.

FYI: Just cancelled my sports channel. Save the money for beer more worth it.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shen Ri Kuai Le

So my birthday came and went.

I didn't do anything lavish or special this year, compared to last years' week-long celebrations, cuz it didn't warrant the need to.

My dear Sis bought me a nice set lunch at Michelangelo's, I then went with her to Ikea to pick out her cupboard - and bought myself a new throw/blanket along the way, dammit the temptation was too strong! In the evening my buddy redcocoon invited me over to share dinner with him and his lovely wife. I then came home and stayed online till 6 in the morning.

Heck, I didn't so much as have a beer!

Some birthdays are significant:
@16, when you think adulthood is imminent...
@18, when you think, yes adulthood has finally dawned!
@21, when they tell you that, yes NOW you are an adult. There's even a cake in the shape of a key to cut into!

@30, when you wonder what you've been doing (or not) since becoming a full-fledged adult at 21
@35, when you panic and wish you were back at 18...or 21? Ok la, at least 30 can??

34; one year short to be a highlight, and many over to be bothered about.

Still, I very much appreciate the SMSes, the calls, comments in blogs(mine and SgGooner's) and the E-card from my beautiful Thai friend.

I will reciprocate the above congratulatory gestures, and hope that yours don't end with a whimper like mine.

Now then, onwards with my adult life...

Monday, September 03, 2007


I should've posted this last night, but had to go for a course early this morning, so am only getting down to recording the events of yesterday.

Started out getting down to Holland Village to help my Sis out with her move. Her new place looks great, despite the small-ish room that she rented (but at a great price, I think). Amost every piece of furniture is from Ikea, and it's got this great musician vibe about it. It's near to where she works and I really hope she invites me over there to chill out sometime, 'cuz the place looks like a dream!

I then rushed myself down to Liz Pub to catch the Arsenal v Portsmouth match. The regular kakis where all there, along with many new faces too. I quickly ordered my drinks and spicy wings, then settled down at one corner to watch the match. It felt good to drape the Red&White around me, guzzle beer, wolf down wings and sing out loud. Ahhh... this is how all Arsenal weekends should be.

Arsenal came away with a fantastic result, and coupled with Cheat$ki's loss to Aston Villa, made reading the sports section today a joy. I am really sad to announce that I've been rostered for a flight for the London derby against Spuds. Have to start looking hard for kind souls to help me out the next Saturday after this.

Fingers crossed...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hit me with your best shot

Had a great Saturday out to Batam with the guys for a session of wakeboarding. Actually I just tagged along for the chance to soak in the sun and drink duty free alcohol. The journey there was not too bad, Long from Batam Cable ski Park got everything arranged for us few days before after getting some passport details.

The guys were off the moment we got there. I hooked up my iPod to the sound system, and the boarders had some funky tracks to groove to while waiting for their turn. I spent some time taking some photos using their cameras. It got me itching to get a faster camera for all the tricks that the boarders were getting into.

Alas, somewhere between the ferry terminal and the ski park, my camera must've fallen out of the bag. I was still hopeful that I had left it home, whilst switching bags over. Looked this morning and confirmed that I had indeed lost my 2nd camera.

Now am looking at a few prosumer models from Canon and Nikon. Have to start saving up for one, or maybe look into getting a 2nd hand model. So at the moment I only have the K800i to use for daily snaps, which does the job well enough if the shot is not too demanding la.